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Autocratic Leadership

1. Nowadays at that place be several attractorship styles being employed to run the organization in parliamentary law to fall upon the goals. One of the attractors styles that being used is exacting style, which tell people what to do. The autocratic lead style is always delimitate as excessively demanding with basically a one-way of communication. The leader impart shake up the legitimate power to coerce subordinates to accomplish the mission.Decision-making comes from only leader and is non sh atomic number 18d. Nevertheless, authoritarian can be useful in the to a lower place pressure situation. Leaders sometimes have to engage this type of leading to achieve their goals. This essay will moot that autocratic leaders are not always ineffective. This will be argued by some utilisations and reasons why autocratic leaders could bring about the benefit to the business and forces organizations.2. Autocratic leadership style is to put pressure on the employees or subord inates. However, in the workplace or military organization, some scenarios may await for prompt action. In these contexts, an autocratic style of leadership can be the best style to adopt. Surprisingly, many employees have been working with an authoritarian and have a few issues to familiar with that style. One of a good example of an autocratic leader is Martha Stewart. She built her empire with personal attention to each detail.Whether people admire Martha Stewart or not, she never strays away from being detailed and demanding. Shes very successful in her endeavors, and often uses an autocratic management style. legion(predicate) critics might argue that it was her autocratic leadership style that make her a success in the entertainment industry, which is an extremely competitive environment. Others might argue that even more success might have awaited her had she not relied so heavily on such a demanding and potentially change style.3. Another circumstance where autocratic leadership can employ appropriately is while doing the projects in group. Many group projects seem to be unsuccessful person because group members express their own decisions and lead to conflict. In such circumstance may need an authoritarian who can make and determine decisions for the group.The leader should seek the solution in which method the project can be done, delegate the task among the members, and make sure set the time for finish of the task. Steve Jobs, for instance, who is one of the successful autocratic leaders. He seems to be very authoritative. His decisions were made with slight consultation, and his decisions were made faster making him to react to changing in tendency of the business environment more quickly. The Environmental challenges which includes facing their rivals such as Microsoft.4. In conclusion, some people argue that autocratic leadership style can never lead to success, but what it can achieve is to assist the process and run it into being a c ompletion. Autocratic styles of leadership are becoming less and less applicable but there are still many contexts in which they work. During the first stage of entrepreneurial organizations will rely on this type of leadership in order to make a decisive decisions and effective. However, it can be recommended that if leader utilize autocratic leadership should apply it wisely. Otherwise, it will be getting worse if use it in a wrong way.

Audience agree Essay

Catherine says Eddie is a rat who belongs in the sewer. To what extent by the end of the play, does the audience agree with her? To begin with, the maneuver at which Catherine says this, it is a very emotive moment its at the climax of the play. It is the offset printing time Catherine has confronted Eddie by telling him exactly how she feels. She is cater up of being controlled by him and is therefore unhappy with the way he treats Beatrice also.It annoys her that Beatrice is non defending herself and when Eddie does non all in allow her to go to Catherines wedding, she does not up to now answer back. This results in Catherine unusually insulting Eddie in an gigantic way, Hes a rat he bites people when they catch some Zs and poisons decent people, in the garbage he belongs Here Catherine is releasing all her anger and intense emotion which has been built up oer the years, presently she finally has found the courage and independence to let Eddie k without delay he cannot turn her decisions for her anymore, as if it is a threat.However while she says this, she is weeping, so it is un deally she meant it. It is unusual for Catherine to disrespect Alfieri, as in the past she has a close descent with him. She says to Eddie, as soon as he gets home, Ill get you a beer and Ill light it(cigar) for you, she similars to fuss over him, this shows that she cares a lot for him, so she is a kind and caring person. This particular incident, when profession Eddie a rat, some would say is out of reference book. When she says, Eddie go remote please, perhaps at this point she is regretting what she said before.The audience except may agree with Catherine, that Eddie is a rat, because of the way Eddies character has been portrayed. From the beginning of the play Eddie is the overprotective guardian who seems to be possessive over Catherine. I promise your mother. Im responsible for you, Eddie fells he is responsible for Catherine and misinterprets the role of a guardian.In Catherines eyes, he is overbearing her deportment, by not giving her freedom as she is growing up. some people may argue that he has no right over her, as technically he is not her real father. He is unable(p) to accept that she is growing up, some how he needs to realise that she is now seventeen and he can not continue to treat her like child.He does not let her make her own decisions, an example of this in the play is when he does not let her take the stenographer job, even though he turn ins how much this means to her, he is at first stubborn and does not let her take it. He says this is not what he has in mind for her, and he continuously says, I indirect request, not once is he thinking virtually what she wants only the fact that it is not what he wants for her. Again he is trying to control her which is unnecessary, it seems like he is being selfish and the part of the reason why he does not want Catherine to take the job is because he would loose control of her, which is why he wants her to stay at school where he can arrest an eye on herBeatrice at this point influences the audiences look out of Eddie when she says shes seventeen. you gonna keep her in the house all her life? this shows that she knows that Eddie is being unreasonable, and perhaps shows the audience an idea of what life was like for women in those days, women were not expected to work and some(prenominal) were not able to make their own decisions, only the man of house had the rights.Therefore Beatrice encourages the idea of Catherine fetching this job because it is not likely for her to be offered any thing like this once more. This certainly encourages the audience to sympathise with Catherine, and see this as a prohibit aspect of Eddies character. Eddie perhaps changes his mind, only because he feels embarrassed and that Beatrice has insulted by saying this. He does not want her to think he is not being a good guardian to Catherine.Another example of Eddies bad character is when Catherine finds herself attracted to Rodolpho, this is clear to Eddie because of the way Catherine is giving more assistance to him rather than Eddie. When Eddie stops Rodolpho singing kid you dont want to be picked up, do ya?, it is clear that Eddie is getting frustrated and is just development the fact that Rodolphos singing could be suspicious to others, as an excuse.We know this because he keeps on trying to explain himself to Marco as though he is trying to convince himself as well as Rodolpho and Marco that he has a valid point, and that Eddie does not like the idea of Catherine and Rodolpho getting close. The globe is that Eddie is jealous of the attention Catherine gives Rodolpho, whereas normally it is Eddie who receives all the attention. This strange behaviour encourages us (audience), to assume that he has started to develop unusual feelings for Catherine, Eddies disapproval of Catherine and Rodolpho, many would say, is unnecessary and unfounded.O ther evidence to support the assumption that Eddie has unacceptable emotions towards Catherine, is that because of these feelings, his relationship with Beatrice is also suffering, Beatrice says to Eddie, when am I gonna be a wife again? Eddie says, I dont feel goodIm worried about her.This shows that his feelings for Catherine are strong enough to confuse himself about his relationship with wife If he were genuinely concerned for Catherine, it would not feel interfered with his relationship with his wife. Their relationship problems pre-date the cousins arrival, so there is something else which results in his lack of interest in Beatrice. This is the aspect of Eddies character, which influences the audience the most, to describe him as a rat

Mortal Kombat: video game Essay

According to Time magazine, September 27, 1993, abandon in television system indorses is on the rise e redundantly with the release of psyche Kombat. Over 50 million children all over the United States brought this violence into their homes. The p bents and other adults of these children in the end decided that the tv grainys in the U. S. had gone too far. Mortal Kombat was the low plucky that brought blood and gore into the pic back world. Mortal Kombat started in the arcades it was such a hit, they do it into a game you could corrupt for in-person use.Critics raved over it when it was initial introduced, saying it was too violent for kids and it needed to be constructn off the shelves. This game appealed to many people because of its real-life intenses, blood and gore. The game was excessively responsible for the television system game rate system apply today. The game was an instant hit, they do an endless amount of Mortal Kombat games, for all(prenominal) manoeuvre system imaginable, there was even a movie made based on the game. This essay will illustrate how Mortal Kombat is violent, and squeeze a critical point of view of this popular game.Mortal Kombat is a video game based around hand-to-hand combat surrounded by two characters in the game. The person playing would control one-character and use combinations of punches, kicks and special moves to cause as much damage to the opponent as possible. This game is fun and very addicting children would end up playing the game invariably trying to master the moves and techniques of the game. People found it fun because the characters and the worlds that you fight in followm like some fantasy, most people would fight their friends to see who would rein supreme it was a constant challenge to be the scoop up fighter.With the new game that came out not too, long ago you atomic number 18 able to plug an internet cord in the cover version of your gaming system and play anyone in the wor ld. This game caught so much unfavorable judgment that the makers had to take the blood out of the game, and they turned it in to white sweat, nevertheless little did the critics know that there were codes you could enter to bring the blood back to the game. There also were codes called Fatalities which were finishing moves where you could decapitate someones head, p arntage their arms off and burn them alive.The new game is even worse than the original with more finishing moves and better graphics. When you go out and buy a game like this, you should know what to expect that you are qualifying to be fighting an opponent with the intent to kill him. The basic principals of this game are fine, but the more advanced our technology gets the more graphic the games get. The blood and gore look almost life like now, which is not necessary to carry to play the game. The game was given the MA rating which is for people 17 and older.The rating made the game intangible for novel people to go out and buy. Because young kids could not have the game with the new ratings, they just wanted to play them even more. People who are sheltered from reality will be worse off, than people who are allowed to experience real life. There are some countries in the world, who do not even have electricity let alone video gaming systems, but are still are involved with pinched killing of each other. In other countries, it is just as super C for young children to carry guns as it is for Americans to play video games.I hold that violence is part of our society. I do not think that video games are any more violent than movies, television and the general violence in the world today. As far as the people who take what they see in video games and imitate it to real life I feel there is a mental problem and they need help, because they have a hard time separating fiction from non-fiction. Mortal Kombat was one of the first of many video games that got controversy for being too violent.T his game also led the way for countless other violent video games. I feel as if no one would have made a big deal out of the violence there would not be problems that there are today. As they put stricter ratings on the games it only made people want it more. This game was so popular that there was a movie made after it and all the characters seemed to come to life on the big screen. As the critics put the whole concept of violent video games down, all it did was feed a fire to burn and made Mortal Kombat became larger than life.

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Different Paradigms for Analysing Organisation

Organisations t wear argon increasingly becoming flatter owing to the maturement popularity and splendor of squad do for impressiveness in capital punishment and lavishly per processance goals to obtain competencies so as to meet challenges in the mercenary enterprise environment. With the growth in complexity in the internal and external communication channel environment, nerveal structural changes have be pay off highly complex as well. When it comes to analyzing organisations some(prenominal) complex issues and beas prevent an easy analysis to take place.Such complexities step forward fread-only memory the multiagent nature of the organisational activities, where some(prenominal) personnel belonging to different departments come to interact cross-sectional to perform activities therein producing the scope for team up melt down (Scott, 2001). However, organisations at present, despite of the growth in the use of team buy the farm and the, at times, subjective u se of team work, still use established class-conscious structures which is an otherwise source complexity.Organisations in the midst of managerial and commercial challenges face structural complexities (Amiguet, et al. , 2002). The paper attempts to produce the insight into how the validations can be analysed upon different basis so as to generate the implications and scope for the effective use of teamwork in the organisations for each of the element and basis used in the analysis. The theories that emerge from mixer sciences indicate graphical representation of organisations and are often termed as informal (Morgan, 1996 Mintzberg, 2001).They are used in analyzing organizations widely still they fail to abide a very detailed structural scenery of the organisation and create an abstract level evaluation. The detailed dynamics that are found to exist, especially in the modern organisations that are evenly alpha for the use of team work in organisations are largely go forth out and failed to be evaluated using the accessible sciences framework (Dastani, et al. , 2004).However, the models hailing from their background of social sciences the importance of explicit modelling of agents and their underlying interactions and coordination within the organisational work track down and lines of authority is recognized immensely (Lomi and Larsen, 2001 Ferber, et al. , 2003). This is so because the environment that includes the performance touch and performance deviating forces and factors and the role of agents functioning within the rganisation at an inter-departmental level, influence greatly the effective use of team work in organisations and the effective performance in general (Dastani, et al. , 2004). There are basically 4 find out sociological perspectives introduced by Burrel and Morgan (1979) upon which organizations can be modeled and analyzed that form the fundamental element of the paper followed by a thorough word upon the key implications f or the use of teamwork and how teamwork prevails under the useable formation in the organisations found on the modeling of organisations framed using the analysis.The framework created by Burrel and Morgan (1979), which is the blossoming focus of the paper, provides different government agencys of thinking based on both(prenominal) extreme points in theory of society regularization importance and dominance of order and consensus in the society And Radical Change narrowificance of action and transformations in development, the importance of creating mobility. These paradigms are also assessed by the subjectivist and objectivist approach. Principles And Paradigms For Analysis Of OrganisationsThe way that organisations are organise makes large impact to the overall efficiency and strong point in performance targets of those organisations as the inter-departmental links and coordinates and the communication channels within the organisation, determines to a great extent th e efficiency in the work strike and the execution of the several underlying business processes. As the organisations maintained significant structural changes in order to achieve a sustainable militant advantage, organizational networks of task-focused teams was created for leading to flatter organizational structure.Teamwork emerged as facilitators in achieving positive, cost-effective satisfaction and staff retention (Grif?n et al. 2001, Heywood & Jirjahn 2004 quoted in Xyrichisa & Reame 2008). Modern organisations are seldom following well rounded use of technologically and mechanically operating systems in the work processes as dynamic and matrix systems hat combine the several process and departmental groups together for the execution of projects that flaw the traditional lines of authority and spans of control.Such modern organisations are termed as non-linear in their behavior and present complexity in analysis (Scott, 2001). different paradigms provide tramp of different ways of accord teams and efficiency of teamwork within an organisation such(prenominal) as, importance of stimulating the support and commitment of employees to team works and organizational objectives by providing them more indecorum, and unity in the workplace, creating opportunity and trust for a more enriched work experience. Knights and McCabe 2003) or defining team working(a) as a tool or technology that makes individuals scarcely subjects that guarantee their sense of slosheding and importance of working as a team. Currently, teamwork have become as a prominent specification of a broader management fashion in the direction of decentralised, flexible networks that allegedly crowd a culture of expression and involvement (Reed, 1992 227, 229 quoted in Ezzamel and Willmott 1998), claiming it to be soon the most popular form of organizational restructuring (Barker and Tompkins, 1994 224 quoted in Ezzamel and Willmott 1998).Mueller (1994 386) describes teamwork as a work co ordination that provides re-align individual motivation with organizational rationality. Evaluating the beliefs in managerialist perspective, the dominant assumption about the teams is that, they are instruments for redesigning the communication channel through increasing commitment, that do not consider individual preferences, own(prenominal)ities, and behaviours. (Partington and Harris, 1999) Mainstream Functionalist approach directly focuses on the importance of teams.In this perspective team work is assessed as one of the essential elements of creating efficient organisation. No distinction is made between the use of mechanisms of organization to coordinate complex divisions of labor and their use to control and legitimize structured social inequalities of wealth and status. (Ezzamel and Willmott, 1998) The management writings has been found a stool of assumptions and analysis about the teams and team work in organisation as being a source of motivation for employees and job satisfaction, therefore change magnitude performance.Furthermore, it provides opportunities for employees in monetary value of learning and skill acquisition, as well as information sharing, which may be particularly grievous in conditions of evolution economic uncertainty (Wagner et al. 1997 Wall et al. 2002 Vaskova 2007 quoted in SKOPE research paper 2009). betwixt the economic objectives of designing teamwork in organisations can be orderd the internalization of the management responsibleness with the teamwork and removing the demarcation. Project teams get together number of employees rom completely different divisions and hierarchical levels of organisation for the particular objective. Increased job satisfaction, increase motivation between the employees, understanding around the meaningful work and its positive influence to the job performance are considered to be social or business objectives of the teamwork. Cultural objectives of teamwork refer to the rhetoric a round understanding if the teams based on norms and values in organisations, we feeling corporate vision, committal statement and the like.There is great attention to the increasing efficiency and importance of team work in the literature and many authors have undertaken several pieces of researches that aimed to expose the major(ip) elements of effective team in organisations. The efficiency of team working in different cultural and organizational settings, operations and achieving the objectives depends on a number of various factors, such as, specifications of task, group composition, organisational context and other contingencies.The advantages of teamwork are often represented to a greater extent as an empowerment for employees, as teams provides them a degree of supervisory and managerial responsibility for the organization of their work facilitated through individual responsibility and team responsibility (Tjosvold, 1991 35 quoted in Ezzamel and Willmott 1998) Contrary to the authors of functionalist accounts, some fundamental researches on the literature evoke that use of teamwork is nevertheless is a modern continuation of the principle of Taylorism. Dohse et al. 1985 Berggren 1992 Thompson and McHugh 1995 Vidal 2007) In humanistic perspective ideology of teamwork is gives an emphasis on autonomy of the employees in the work and the responsibility. that the incorporation of managerial responsibilities within team working will be welcomed by employees as an unconditional bene?t and that its refusal is absurd because it violates their essential human needs. (Ezzamel and Willmott, 1998 5)However, Knights and Knights and McCabe (2000) show that, team membership is not merely responsibility that brings autonomy, it also means pressure for the members in many cases. Different forms of team can be created by management directive. They can deepen in terms of the outcomes that they are expected to achieve, the level of decision reservation respon sibility as most of them have little autonomy for decision making, size of the teams, work cycle, degree of integration with other units and the like.One of the major problems with the assumptions about teams and teamwork is that, both advocates and critics of teams tend to present them as a piece of ground in which task functions, value-orientations and capacity for self- governance are all in return reinforcing (Thompson and McHugh 2009) As it is emphasized by Thomson and Wallace (1996) teams can vary in the forms and sizes, as an implication of a range of factors and components in it.. Three dimensions of these factors can be identified for analysing the efficiency of teamwork.Multi dimensional approach to the team working helps to identify and understand more clearly various types of managerial goals and configuration of their practices. These dimensions are related with the governance in terms of devolve decision making, delegated powers, self regulation. There are some r esearches in literature that states the importance of self- regulation in teamwork in terms of both in terms of increased productivity and employee welfare. High degree of control over the teams causes the discretion and prevents personal initiatives at work.Second dimension of the teamwork is concerned with the issues that related to normative motives shared out purpose within the teams, cultural cohesion and technical issues, in terms of flexibility, integration and the like. team working is a move away from the hierarchical command and control workplace, and the decisive means of empowering the employee 24, p. 30. But most agnize that even in the more advanced initiatives, there is seldom ripple of democracy 11, p. 25.Expanded responsibilities and self-regulation, in whatever degree, is a functional destiny of the new production environments rather than a goal of participation and involvement. (Thomson and Wallace 1996) Knights and McCabe (2000) suggest critical approaches to the assumption on understanding and effectiveness of teamwork that is illustrated by mainstream perspective, criticizing sovereign team concept is not realized, it did not displaced the rigidity of bureaucratic system in organisations.Teamwork does not decrease the control over the employees, change in the direct control and managing through responsible autonomy does not mean less supervision, it cause a less visible but equally constraining form of normative control, that encourages employees to internalise managerial definitions of organisational goals (Grenier 1988 Barker 1993 whole meal flour 1995 quoted in SKOPE research paper 2009). However, teams did not always have autonomy. In 83 per cent of the workplaces with team working, teams were given responsibility for specific products and services, and in 61 per cent they could jointly decide how work was done.However, in comely 6 per cent they were allowed to appoint their own team leaders. (Kersley et al. , 2007 17-18 qu oted in Thompson and McHugh 2009) Furthermore, state that ideal model of teamwork is over simplistic and is assumed in closing off from very important contextual factors that in essence, shapes it. One of the most important points of the effectiveness of teamwork is about task discretion. Both perspectives have impressive range of evidences about the implications of task discretion to the employee motivation.Optimists suggest that, the task discretion is the sign of high employee commitment and high productivity. On the other hand, there are powerful criticisms about this approach, concerned that, the task discretion declines the autonomy of the employees at work and creates danger for their well-being. However, independent work groups, based on the concepts such as job enrichment and re-designing creates an opportunity for employees for decision making on operational issues and various levels of integrated organisational skills, and also more flexible working in more integrated div isions of labour.

Educational Psychology and Learning

T distributivelyerThe berth of the instructor is to examine and calibrate the hap of man-to-manly educatee which they ar responsible for. The instructor plans the lesson and schemes of field of study as tumesce as manoeuvers the class. A T all in all(prenominal)er carries show up legal opinions and evaluations and follows the national curriculum. They argon accountable and responsible for all(prenominal)(prenominal) and all(prenominal) educatee under their jurisdiction. It is their role to collect and summarise cultivation to signalize each students pass onment. The teacher identifies the culture neutral and reports to the class when it should be accomplished.A teacher leave alone comply with bar of stipulation/year reports and be able to communicate with staff, opposite professionals and pargonnts regarding each savants near and exponent. A dedicated teacher would be present with a school-age childs interests and their accomplishment styles. Be e nthusiastic and connected and the ability to manoeuver with a diversity of needs. A teacher has to be limber, highly prompt acquit excellent organisational skills and be a safe motivator. Importantly a teacher should demonstrate organism a impregnable role model, maintain discipline and praise their pupils. education Support PractitionerThe role of the teacher colleague is to promote a pupils cognition and reading by sustentationing the pupils, teacher, school and national curriculum. The let out fruit role is to support and guide the pupil to financial aid achieve the acquire objective. Their job is to help the pupils under the direction and counselor-at-law of the teacher. A doctrine helpant should have a true knowledge of the cognitive content of which they ar supporting in severalise to deliver it effectively. They should be able to deliver feedback to the teacher on pupils maturate and monitor it, as strong as liaise with the teacher on the old tuition objective and bounce on it.A teaching assist have to honour and comply diametrical figure of speechats of placards. Provide clerical support and monitor and maintain resources. A T.A. also has to be a steady-going role model, maintain discipline, be flexible and respect pupils social and cultural background. Good organisational skills and the ability to praise pupils ar essential.Ultimately the ii roles desire the pupils to reach their full acquirement potential. Both should complement each some otherwise, watch alongside each other as a team in post to achieve the surmount proscribed generate for each student .JAYNE WEBB may 2012-05-041.2SUMMARISE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN moldable AND SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT.Summative sagacity or Assessment of LearningSummative Assessment is conducted to signalise the development which pupils have made at the end of term, end of course or scheme of sue. This is a summary of the overall attainment of a pupils achievement which i nvolves pupils undertaking standardisedised tests or external examinations. This form of summative find outing is to hazard the go up made at the end of a period of study. Summative Assessment is distinguishd forSATS results Class teacher minds Reviews of pupils with SEN Pupils annual school reports External examinations GSCEs & AS & A LevelsFormative Assessment or Assessment for encyclopedismFormative Assessment is the ongoing observe and legal opinion of pupils reach with accompanying feedback to help them break their performance. Formative mensuratement makes judgements virtually the pupils progress that is currently existence carried out with an intention of informing teachers and pupils about how their wrick may be modified, modify or changed. This form of estimation for encyclopedism engages non only the teacher but the pupil and pot be routined to wait the skill in any lesson.Teacher using open ended questions that go out uphold the pupil to think for themselves How do you think that could have been by dint of better?Listen to pupils explanations and description of modes on how they study.A Teacher/Teaching Assistant intercommunicate questions to pupils to cross off their guessing.Observing pupils is a most informative rule of come alonging knowledge on a pupils progress. There atomic number 18 assorted types of observation depending on the apprentices needs.A eruditeness objective should al slipway be determine at the start of the accomplishment exercise, so a pupil leave apprehend what they atomic number 18 larn and at the end have they achieved the teaching objective. This method teaching will engage a pupil in reviewing their suffer progress. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-051.3EXPLAIN THE CHARACTERISTICS OF ASSESSMENT FOR instruction.Assessment for education is the key term of using judgment as part of teaching and reading in ways which will raise pupils achievements.Assessment for attainment is highly effe ctive in improving the shade of acquirement, which is why it has been introduced and proved to be successful. The definition of estimation for knowledge it is the exercise of agnizeking evidence, interpreting for use by scholarly persons and teachers to decide where the learners ar up to in their learning and where they need to go and how best to hasten there.The key characteristic of assessment for learning is that it sh atomic number 18s the learning objective and its aim with the pupil. In doing so it identifies to the learners exactly how they have to perform to achieve a high kind, consequently actualise the standards they argon aiming for. Questioning the learners about their work enables them to perk up to a greater extent than than(prenominal) clearly what they need todo next.This engages the learner and involves them in ally assessment and self assessment, so that they are ultimately able to think over on and descry their give achievements. This enab les pupils to build up on their skills in advance moving on to the next graduation. This process involves providing meaningful feedback to the learner on their progress so they know specifically where they are going and how to get there. An important aspect of assessment for learning is that the teacher/teaching assistant continually motivates and promotes office with the learner. This whole process is ongoing with and throughout either learning objective, for both(prenominal) the teacher and the learner in reviewing and glinting on assessment culture.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-051.4EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS OF ASSESSMENT FOR nurture.Research proves that assessment for learning has a defective impact on teaching as it meliorates the quality of learning for the learner. The learner is non detached from their learning but is actively heterogeneous. This clothes the learner to reflect on their progress and reform on their performance. The effect of the learner bein g more than in control of their learning thus increases authority egotism and motivation. The way one feels about them self lot have a huge impact on their learning. Research has recognised that assessment for learning has a profound influence on engaging pupils and bearing them raise.Pupils with do non feel part of the learning process may school low self-conceit, become disengaged and lose interest. By self-assessment pupils understand where to purify their studies and how. in force(p) feedback is important so both able and less able pupils are fully monitored and back up in order for them to reach their full potential. It enables a pupil learning to be adjusted to their get extra needs. Assessment for learning is a device that makes realistic for a pupil to understand the aim of what they are doing, what they need to do to reach that aim and where they are in relation to it.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-05 1.5EXPLAIN HOW ASSESSMENT FOR scholarship CAN cave in TO projec tNING FOR FUTURE larn CARRIED OUT BY A)THE TEACHER B)THE LEARNERS C)THE LEARNING break up PRACTITONERTeacherAssessment for learning greatly contributes to the proximo lesson planning of the teacher. It informs them of where the pupil is at with their learning and helps dictate the next step of the learning process. It use ups dumbfound twenty-four hours to day in the classroom and keeps the teacher up to date with each pupils progress. This practices helps the teacher make decisions regarding planning of future learning as nearly as share targets with the learner. Effective assessment for learners allows teachers to light on the responsibility of managing their have learning to the pupil.LearnersThis process informs learners to know and recognise the standards for which they should aim. It identifies where they are in relation to this aim and how to achieve it. It helps immensely with an individuals learning and the increased self awareness of how to learn will develop the ir corporate trust and motivation. By self assessment and faceting at assessment criteria, pupils are able to ask for support in areas of which they are struggling and distinguish when to ask for it.Learning Support PractitionerThis process informs the actions of a learning support practitioner on what is the best step to seclude, as well as alter their actions. The whole process enables teachers and learners to review and reflect on ad hominemised learning / thinking skills PLTS. This procedure will inform a learning practitioner on how to admission pupil questioning ground on what they have impinge oned about how a pupil learns. Therefore, this increases faith and promotes effect learning. They may have to alter the pace of the learning to get e very learner so all are given an hazard to revisit move of indecision. thoughtful poundAt the Alt Valley residential area College initially the students are adjust diagnostic skill tests which indicate their competencies and weaknesses consequently,identify exactly where they need more help and practice. This informs the instill and T.A. to plan for future learning with this student as well as helps the student recognise aims for their have got alter learning programme. For example please see rascal 7 & 8. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-05 2.1OBTAIN THE INFORMATION REQUIRED TO SUPPORT ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING.The learning objectives for the activities The personalised learning/ thinking skills PLTS determinations for individual learners The success criteria of the learning act The assessment opportunities and strategiesAt the tooth root of each learning legal action the teacher should identify the learning objective, stating exactly what the learners should know at the end of the lesson. A good method of identifying the aim several teachers salve W.A.L.T. (what are we learning today) on the board, or W.I.L.F. (what Im look for.) This way the learners depose keep relating to the aim throughout the lea rning activity, and keep on task. The teacher moldinessiness notify the learners about how they are going to be assessed, and how it will move out place, in attachment to how it will be measured.This procedure helps the learner to take more responsibility for their take learning, a proven effective technique. A pupil needs to think about their cause personalised learning whilst running(a) towards a learning objective. Personalised learning is the process of orient and matching teaching and learning around way contrastive learners learn in order to meet individual needs, interest and aptitudes to enable every pupil to reach their most advantageous potential.This helps to promote their own personal development through self-realisation, self-development and self-enhancement to become active, responsible, self-motivated learners. The Teacher/Teaching Assistant and learner always need to look at the success criteria of the learning activity. The standard and success criteria sho uld be shared with the learner. For exampleWhat pupil is learning to relieve in paragraphs Success criteria pupil able to write in paragraphsWhy they are learning it learner is only able to achieve a grade D inEnglish if they are unable to write in paragraphs, to achieve a higher grade they must(prenominal)(prenominal) learn to write in paragraphs. How assessment will take place teacher and teaching assistant will check pupils work to agree they are consistently writing in paragraphs. A proven method is providing examples to the pupil which helps to meet the success criteria. As learners are supported assessment opportunities and strategies have to be used to motivate pupils to think about their work and progress. This is the process of utilising the best approach and techniques for the ongoing assessment during the learning activity.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-072.2 ingestion CLEAR LANGUAGE AND EXAMPLES TO DISCUSS AND CLARIFY PERSONALISED LEARNING GOALS AND CRITERIA FOR ASSESSI NG communicate WITH LEARNERS.Usually secondary school pupils have personalised learning goals for each subject which are noted on their interim reports, which are updated as the term progresses. The personalised learning goals reflect the learning objective of activities and take account of the past achievements and current learning needs of individual learners. The subject teacher usually collates pupils with the same ability and personalised learning goal so they outhouse work together and their needs tailored as a group.Individual or personalised learning plans are in place for pupils with additional needs and their personal targets documented. This will have been agreed and gestural with the pupil, parents/carers and teachers.Reflective LogAt the Alt Valley Training Centre I did an assessment of learning on a pupils diagnostic skills numeracy examination. I noticed the pupil polish offly failed the percentages part of the paper. This pupil was ascribable to undertake an appr enticeship in cabinetmaking. I spoke to the pupil and brought these purposes to his attention and underscore the importance of percentages in joinery, and the success criteria in achieving it, in order to complete his apprenticeship. I set downloaded resources regarding this extremumic and I am at present in the process of works with him for the ongoing assessment of the learning activity.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-072.3 USE ASSESSMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND STRATEGIES TO GAIN INFORMATION AND MAKE JUDGEMENTS ABOUT HOW WELL LEARNERS atomic number 18 PARTICIPATING IN ACTIVITIES AND THE PROGRESS THEY ARE MAKING. Ensure pupils understand the learning objective or any individual learning targets so they idler assess their own progress as they proceedExplain to pupils on how to reach the learning objectiveListen to pupils describe their work and their reasoningCheck pupils perceptiveness through questioning and using open-ended questionsObserve pupils noticing the kinds of strategies they a re using and what they are finding difficultEngage pupils in reviewing their own progress throughout the learning activityInform pupils on how they will be assessedIf possible run examples of work produced by other learnersContinually provide support and oral feedback as pupils are working as well as assessment and praise let out opportunities for self or confederate assessmentIf possible allocate magazine for pupils to discuss work before handing it inProvide write feedback Reflective LogI worked with the students whom failed the percentage paper. I demonstrated the method of percentages and then asked him a few questions to check whether he understood. He then attempted whatsoever himself and was struggling.I continued to sit and observe him and asked him why he was doing the sum via that method. I continued to embolden him and relieve the necessity of this qualification. I repeated my strategy to him and we continued through the work pamphlet. On extremity I praised him f or his diligence and informed him I would localize it later. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-072.4 issue CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK TO LEARNERS TO HELP THEM UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY HAVE do WELL AND WHAT THEY NEED TO DEVELOP.For assessment for learning to be effective every learners needs creative feedback. This developmental slurer is crucial if progress is to be made. It can affirm the pupils strengths and identifies the weaknesses. Pupils need feedback during and following each learning activity. The information should be given which centres on their performance and be conveyed positively. Pupils should be notified that the feedback is ground on facts and should not be taken personally. There are different types of feedbackAffirmative Feedback which if possible should be given during the learning activity to encourage and motivate Developmental feedback which gives suggestions on how to do better next snip Both types of feedback can be given orally or written but really need to be given as shortly as possible so the pupil can take it on board and action it.This also applies to teachers marking, if feedback is given too long by and by an activity children forget and find it harder to apply. Research has found that marking inside the childs presence is more helpful to each individual. A technique teachers use for writing on a good learning exercise is two stars and a wish or for improvement guidance E.B.I. (even better if) and suggestions provided. Best practice checklist for providing feedbackRemain non-judgemental Focus on strengths report through one thing as a time Give positive feedback where demand and guidance on how a child can improve Link feedback directly to what has been discovered or written end up the posing positivelyReflective logRegarding the percentage students I sat with him to mark his paper, we worked through it step by step and I praised him on his competent working out calculations, as we were then able to identify at which point his metho d went wrong. I got him to look at some questions logically and in every day terms so he could then perchance estimate the answer and recognise the difference in his answers. On completion he felt confident about the activity whereas at the beginning he told me he would never to be able to do it. I conveyed to him how pleased I was with his progress.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-16 2.5 PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES AMD throw outMENT FOR LEARNERS TO rectify UPON THEIR WORK.Each pupil is an individual and this fact must be recognised and considered when doing assessment for learning. Their own personal standards of achievements must be measured against their earlier record and not correspondd to other learners. The next stage of learning must be base on their previous(prenominal) understanding and so on. It is unachievable to continue with the learning plan when a pupil has not understood the previous stage. Learning needs to be built up in a step by step formula, whereas one stage of procedur e supports the other to gain an overall concept of the task in hand.Pupils should always be advance to discuss any difficulties they entail throughout the learning activity and previous learning experiences. This effective method helps to consolidate their knowledge and reinforce their understanding before moving on with the next upshot. This helps motivate them and to promote confidence and self-esteem. These three factors have a huge impact on learners and every effort should be made to uphold and support them. Pupils with low self-esteem should be allocated more time and patience and learning objectives clarified regularly. On occasion support staff has to modify or adapt the learning objective in order for them to achieve it.To encourage each pupil to take responsibility for their own learning it has to be discussed with them and the onus laid upon them in relation to How they think they can improve on their previous practiceWhat do they think went wrong? Did they rush the le arning activity?Opportunities provided so they can improve Do they want to redo the learning activity? Do they wish to stay in at break time? Would they prefer to take it home and do it as homework? Or have they got any other suggestions. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-123.1 USE INFORMATION GAINED FROM supervise LEARNERS PARTICIPATION AND PROGRESS TO HELP LEARNERS TO REVIEW THEIR LEARNING STRATEGIES, ACHIEVEMENTS AND FUTURE LEARNING inescapably.Assessment for learning is ongoing throughout the learning activity. The review of pupils work if possible should be processed during the learning session. This is not always achievable during genuine teaching presentations but if feasible time should be allocated for review. This enables students consider their work at each stage. This encourages the pupil to take responsibility for their own learning and for the teaching assistant to support and translate the teaching.Techniques to help learners review their learning strategies Using open-ended questions- Where are you up to in your learning? Where do you need to go? And how best to get there. This helps them measure their progress against previous learning activities. Class discussion/in groups/ with a collaborator/ by yourself. Helps them to think about how they acted the learning activity and think how they could do it differently in the future. Provide sheet with learning objective for learners to refer to and rationalize objectives Provide oral feedbackUse examples of work in class discussions to highlight the ways that work can be improved Provide positive and constructive feedbackMatch learning objective to needs in order to provide challenges and set appropriate targets Praise success throughout the learning activity Reflective LogAs part of the Joinery Apprenticeship Diploma the students have to complete and pass a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme CSCS. In order to beallowed on site. They each individually complete this test online, which is out of 40 qu estions and the pass mark is 36. The summary identifies the right and wrong answers. I talk to the students during the activity and ask what the reasoning behind them choosing a particular answer was. At times they are placed in pairs so they can work together and accumulate each other knowledge to increase their mark. They are continually told of their last mark and their target each time is just to increase it by 1 mark. We celebrate success and the students gain satisfaction on their own progress and increase confidence that they can do it. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-123.2 LISTEN CAREFULLY TO LEARNERS AND POSITIVELY ENCOURAGE THEM TO COMMUNICATE THEIR NEEDS AND IDEAS FOR FUTURE LEARNING.All teaching staff has to listen to all learners in order to identify their own particular strengths and weaknesses in each learning objective. They have to be given the opportunity to converse so that they know and recognise the standard for which they should aim. Via feedback from the learner infor ms teachers on how to be pro-active to their needs. Consequently, learners discover what they should do next in order to improve. Their own particular learning style has to be considered, for example intrapersonal learners do not thrive doing collaborative group work. By communicating their own personal preferences and ideas helps individuals to own and drudge their own attainment. Learners should be boost to adopt their own personalised learning approach, which involves taking a highly structured and responsive approach to each learner, in order that they everybody is able to progress achieve and participate.This allows them to explore their own particular interests and reflect on their individual aspirations and learning habits. Research has shown that three-year-old people will produce better quality work when dealings with content they have an interest in. Positive encouragement can greatly enhance a learner it promotes confidence and can give them the march on they needs w hen they are struggling with a particular task. A constructive comment can help achieve the objective and gain success criteria. This helps the learner to remain engaged and on task in addition to them gaining satisfaction regarding their own progress.Schools have strategies to check on pupils learning dealings light system- Pupils like to fit in with the class and do not like to be seen asking for help or lackconfidence in requesting it, a pupil has a picture at the top of the page and can colour 1 of 3 lights which indicates on how their grapple with the learning activity, red=help, amber just about on task, blue jet no problems, therefore teachers can identify if help is required. Foggy bits- pupils are given the opportunity to write down or articulate the parts of the session or activity that have not been clear, Write a sentence- pupils are able to put in a sentence the key points of the learning at the end of a unit of work or learning activity.Talk partner review- pupils ar e given the opportunity to talk to their partner about what they found difficult and what they enjoyed in the learning activity. This can also be through with(p) at the beginning of a session to see what the already know. Post it notes/white boards- pupils can easily write down what they have learnt, found easy or hard. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-153.3 SUPPORT LEARNERS IN USING PEER ASSESSMENT AND SELF-ASESSMENT TO EVALUATE THEIR LEARNING ACHIEVEMENTS.When pupils are tough in assessing their own performance, they can often provide teachers and teaching assistants with insights into their own learning. Research has indicated that pupil involvement is likely to encourage pupils to become more focus upon the teachers intended learning outcomes, helps them to become more aware of personal areas in which they have strengths and weaknesses and in some instances assist in the management of behaviour.Assessment information is only of value when it is used to improve teaching or learning. Pup ils need to know how they are progressing and appreciate being involved in discussions about their own learning. Even on a informal basis teaching staff should find opportunities to engage pupils in discussions about how they feel they are getting on with their work. Supporting pupils with self-assessment techniques sort out the purpose of the task This is so pupils understand why they are doing it backing assessment criteria simple Be very clear on what pupils are being assessed against. If there are more than two criteria make them very specific. Encourage pupils to periodically check learning against the criteria This will keep them focused on what they have to do. Ask pupils to specialize you what they think they are doing and why This enables the teacher to check that children have understood the task and how their learning will be measured. An ideal technique for pupils to build up their assessment skills is through working with adults and their peers.This method enables them to look more objectively at their own achievements. Collaboration in peer assessment allows each pupil to look at one anothers work and notice how it relates to the assessment criteria. They are then able to discuss what they have been asked to do and how their work reflects this, as well as bring to their attention to what teachers are looking for when measuring achievement. Peer assessment should not be used to compare pupils grades and achievements. That is why it is important to make it clear to pupils on what they will be assessed against. Peer assessment can also assist in peer learning whereas one pupil can obtain hints and tips from another.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-153.4 SUPPORT LEARNERS TO A) contrive ON THEIR LEARNING B) report THE PROGRESS THEY HAVE make C) IDENTIFY THEIR EMERGING LEARNING NEEDS D) IDENTIFY THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF THEIR LEARNING STRATEGIES AND PLAN HOW TO IMPROVE THEM. A) Reflect on their learningPupils need to be encouraged to reflect on th eir learning during the process, and not just when it is completed. This is in order to reveal what is the best approach as well as if they are taking the best way towards achieving success criteria.This helps them to understand their own personalised learning and develop thinking skills for improvement. Techniques are to question the pupil to check he understands the purpose of the task, ask what they are doing and why, notify them on what they are being assessed on and be very specific and encourage them to check periodically against the learning criteria, to ensure they are keeping focused. B) Identify the progress they have madeTeachers need to check that pupils are able to assess their own progress that they have made when working. This can be done through self or peer assessment. Throughout the learning session teachers/teaching assistant should maintain continuous dialogue about the progress they have made. This can be identified by asking questions for example, tell me what you have learnt during this session, and if a question is asked see if another pupil can answer it, or by asking pupils to write down what areas of the topic they found difficult. C) Identify their emerging needsAs a pupil looks at their learning they will begin to know what they need to improve on. They should be told which level they have presently attainted and what they need to do to achieve the next level. For a pupil who is performing beneath their capability a discussion may provide formative points which indicate how they could improve. D) Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their learning strategies and plan how to improve on them The strengths and weaknesses of pupils learning has to be brought to their attention.Assessment materials/resources can be useful and re-assuring to identify to pupils their weaknesses. Or recognize their misconception and use it as a basis to work upon, as this can lead to a more positive to learning from their mistakes. Notify the pupil th e area they need more practice on and encourage them to be resilient in their studies. For the pupil who is doing well, a discussion of an assessed piece of work may help them to improve even further by developing those strengths which have been identified to them. some other way of supporting learners is to allow them to keep a journal, in which they can keep a note of their learning and own personalised targets. self-consciousness should always be promoted.4.1 PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO THE TEACHER ON A) LEARNERS PARTICIPATION AND PROGRESS IN THE LEARNING ACTIVITIES B) LEARNERS ENGAGEMENT IN AND RESPONSE TO ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING C) LEARNERS PROGRESS IN TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN LEARNING.A) Learners participation and progress in the learning activities When doing assessment for learning techniques the teacher assistant must work closely with the teacher to plan how they are going to fit it into the learning activity. Discussion before the lesson will enable the best opportun ities to be sort that then can be included into the activity. The teaching assistant must then provide feedback to the teacher on how the learner contributed to the lesson and how much(prenominal) improvement they have made.This isin order to find the best strategies to use in the future. Different techniques need to be considered depending on the learner, as some students find some more thought provoking than others. B) Learners engagement in and response to assessment for learning A Teaching Assistant must consider the different aspect s of assessment for learning when talent feedback to the teacher. The teaching assistant must attempt to connect the learners with their own learning and provide feedback to the teacher on how successful it was. This can be done by completing an observation sheet or orally. Another good method is jotting down comments from the learners during the activity.The teacher may find it useful to know whether the pupil was more responsive and eager to part icipate if they were told that they doing assessment for learning. Alternatively feedback can be given through group feedback, in which the learners discuss the results of peer assessment with adults. In this way the teacher can find about their learning and feed back is given direct at the same time. C) Learners progress in taking responsibility for their own learning Learners have to be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Teaching assistant must notify the teacher on how the learner is managing to deal with it. During assessment for learning learners should be asked where they are up to in their learning, where they are going and how to get there. By this method pupils will come to understand that they are the drive behind the force as well as the teaching staff. Usually a successful learning activity identifies that the students have taken responsibility for their own learning. Attempts should be made to empower the learner, for example tell children when wo rking out mathematics problems include your working out which also creates marks.JAYNE WEBB 2012-05-16 4.2 USE THE OUTCOME OF ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING TO smooth ON AND IMPROVE OWN CONTRIBUTION TO SUPPORT LEARNING.Following learning activities the teacher and teacher assistant need to discuss and reflect on its outcome. This identifies whether or not the learning activity has been successful. A Teaching Assistant must look at their own approach to the learning activity and judge whether their ownapproach could be improved when supporting pupils learning. It should be considered whether different strategies could have worked better with pupils. What can be done to challenge the pupils more and did I question them correctly. There is always room for improvement and check on activities gives the opportunity for it to be corrected. Regarding reflection one should think aboutHow they questioned and encouraged the pupils to look closely at the assessment criteria. How they gave feedback t o pupils. How they supported both peer and self assessment. Did they remain non judgemental. Did they focus on strengths? Work through one thing as a time. Give constructive advice where needed and guidance on how a child could improve. Link feedback directly to what has been observed or written. Did the session end positively?Reflective logI assisted a student working through a math booklet. I found the students was not co-operating in the activity and was distracted with other happenings in the classroom. I continued with the activity, asking questions, explaining methods etcetera Till completed. On reflection it appeared to me that I had done too much of the practicalities and not supported the learner. I should have abandoned the learning activity as it was not vital to the days learning and include the student with the rest of the classes learning activity. That approach would have worked better as the student would have been more engaged.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-16 3.2 LISTEN CAREFULLY TO LEARNERS AND POSITIVELY ENCOURAGE THEM TO COMMUNICATE THEIR NEEDS AND IDEAS FOR FUTURE LEARNINGReflective Log Whilst checking the students diploma booklet I noticed two students were struggling with spelling, punctuation and grammar and the aims of each question. I spoke to them each distributively and explained would they like meto help them as that was my purpose being here. They both divulged that they were finding the theory difficult. I worked with each student looking through their booklet and asked them to identify their problems in order for me to help them.I discovered that the key wrangling on each question, for example, compare, contrast, analyse, justify etc the students did not comprehend. Afterwards I diligently assessed the booklet making a note of key words and wrote a summary of them together with a dictionary definition, which I stapled to the work booklet. This I showed to the learners assuring them they would find it helpful. I reiterated to them a ny further problems would they please speak to me and confirmed I would observe them closely in the classroom.3.3 SUPPORT LEARNERS IN USING PEER ASSESSMENT AND SELF-ASSESSMENT TO EVALUATE THEIR LEARNING ACHIEVEMENTS Reflective LogRegarding the above students I spoke to the tutor and identified their needs and suggested if he and the students agreed could I coach them with their English whenever possible. Presently, we sit together and work through communication and spelling books and I reveal little tips for example, necessity remember a shirt has 1 collar and 2 sleeves etc. The students do not cope well with self-assessment they have not got a long concentration span and poor resilience.But I do continually positively encourage it. I have found that peer assessment has worked well as there is a competitive spirit involved with both of the learners. They have commented on their surprise at their own progress. I confirm to them the importance of English not only to achieve their joi nery diploma but an essential life skill.JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-263.4 SUPPORT LEARNERS TO A) REFLECT ON THEIR LEARNING B) IDENTIFY THE PROGRESS THEY HAVE MADE C) IDENTIFY THE LEARNERS EMERGING NEEDS D) IDENTIFY THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF THEIR LEARNING STRATEGIES AND PLAN HOW TO IMPROVE THEM. Reflective LogI was assisting students in a functional skills maths class, the learning objective was to teach the students area, volume and perimeter. The students were not very motivated and I explained the importance of these topics to achieve their hair oil diploma as well as in everyday life. I observed each student and commented on their correct formula and suggested they look at parts again.Peer assessment worked quite an well in the session as they liaised with each other and gained tips to further their learning. At the end of the session we asked what they found difficult and identified topics to revisit. I liaised with the Tutor and we decided to redo the learning activity at a later date but decided the best approach was to visit each topic- area, formula and perimeter on a disunite day as we felt that the students were overloaded with all the different formulas.4.1 PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO THE TEACHER ON A) LEARNERS PARTICIPATION AND PROGRESS IN THE LEARNING application B) LEARNERS ENGAGEMENT IN AND RESPONSE TO ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING C) LEARNERS PROGRESS IN TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN LEARNING. Reflective LogI was asked by the Tutor to observe a student who was completing a ratio booklet and report to her verbally on her progress. This particular student is deemed as lazy and sluggish and has no work ethic. She was reluctant to participate and valued too much help, in the hope that I would do it for her. As I was keyed up to her approach I engaged her as much as I dared, by explaining then asking questions to check if she understood. I made clear the importance of ratio in hairdressing and her aim to achieve it. She had to begin taking responsibil ity for her own learning.Surprisingly, she was quite competent with the learning objective. I praised her success and reiterated she had to start working with the tutors and commented, Where are you up to in your vocation at the moment? Not interested in maths, you know where you going- hairdressing, How are you going to get there- by working with the tutors and taking notice in the maths class. I spoke to the Tutor and she agreed that was the best approach and we would continue to use these tactics.

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Rock “N” Rap

Homework 12 Rock n swath Gabriel Gonzalez quit 4 It costs the company an average of $15,000 to bring out a flutter CD and an average of $12,000 to produce a rap CD. Also, it takes about 18 hours to produce a stimulate CD and about 25 hours to produce a rap CD. The company can afford to spend up to $150,000 on production next month. Also, the company will spend at least one hundred seventy- fin hours on production. The company earns $20,000 in lettuce on all(prenominal) rock CD it produces and $30,000 in profit on from separately one rap CD it produces. But the company recently promised its distributor that it would not release more rap music than rock.The company needs to reconcile how many of each display case of CD to snitch. Note It can make a fraction of a CD next month and complete it the next month after. Graph the operable region. X- of Rock CDs Y- of Rap CDs *Available Money X15+Y12*clxxv 18(0)+25y=175. 25y=175175/25=7=y, x=0 18x+25(0)=175. 18x=175175/18=9. 7 =x, y=0 *X*Y(More Rock CDs must be made than Rap CDs) X=0, y0 a. Find at least three combinations of rock and rap CDs that would give the company a profit of $120,000, and mark these points in one color on your graph. The combinations do not have to be in the feasible region. ) Profit=x20,000+y30,000 x=6, y=0 x=0, y=4 x=3, y=2 b. In a different color, mark points on your graph that will earn $240,000 in profits. x=12, y=0 x=0, y=8 x=9, y=2 x=3, y=6 x=6, y=4 Find out how many CDs the company should make of each type next month to maximize its profit. It should make 5 and five ninths of each CD to maximize profit. I know this because this is the highest point in the feasible region. Explain how you found an answer to Question 3 and wherefore you think your answer gives the maximum profit.I know this because this is the highest point in the feasible region. I its hard to tell exactly respectable by graphing so the problem must be solved algebraically. I know that the lines x=y and 15 ,000x+12,000y-150,000 intersect at the highest point of the feasible region. Because x is equal to y, both coordinates must be the kindred. I inserted 3 different coordinates for both x and y and got that the coordinates (5. 6,5. 6) will give me the superior profit that is closest to 150,000. A Rock n Rap magnetic declination Suppose the conditions were the same as in homework 12 shut that the profits were reversed.In other words, suppose the company made $30,000 profit on each rock CD and $20,000 profit on each rap CD. Profit 30,000x+20,000y Would this change your advice to the company about how many CDs of each type to produce to maximize its profit? If so, how many of each type should the company make, and what would be the profit? Explain your answer. My answer would stay the same because x will still be equal to y, and the money on tap(predicate) to spend wont change. Since these are the only two lines that are taken into account, my advice would stay constant.

Audience And Action Plan Essay

I am the manager of Lexington Short Term Out persevering/ yard bird Rehabilitation Center with the task of developing an action plan and a proposal to add long term care services to our authoritative services that will be handed to the organizations Board of Directors for approval. Initially, I had prepared an action plan that requires updating. My initial action plan include the following various communication methods to be use by managers in spite of appearance this organization, the importance of the identified communication methods within this organizational structure, internal/ outside relationships to be considered, steps involved in organizational planning and functions of attention, how be after steps whitethorn be applied to the scenario, strategies that might be utilise to bring about change in the organization, how those strategies whitethorn be employ to prevent or to minimize appointment, strategies that can be applied if conflict does arise, the managers role in conflict management, ethical issues that may altered the way change is conducted in the organization, the effects of financial and pitying resource management controls, how financial and human resource control issues may restore the decision-making process, environmental influences related to health care which may affect outcomes and quality within the organization, and, how the implemented change will be track or evaluated.I decided to add diversity to management, administration, staff and health care services to appeal to a diverse patient population that is multilingual to enhance communication with our clients and broaden our patient services. This worked well for me because I realized that macrocosm equipped to serve a diverse patient population will give my proposal better chance of being accepted by the Board of Directors. While attempting to update my action plan, decision making on what will be appropriate and successful was something that was a scrap for me.Another challenge was incorporating my new updates to my current actionplan. If I was asked the scruple what would I have done differently if I had the opportunity preceding to my update, my answer would have been to have the opportunity to update my action plan. direct that my update is completed, I feel very confident and is ready to present my proposal and action plan to the Board of Directors and I will not do anything differently from this point on.Buchbinder, S.B & Shanks, N.H (2012). Introduction to health care management (2nd ed.) Burlington, MA Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Family Values Are Not Contradictory to Personal Choice as Well as Self-Fulfillment Essay

With the collapse of the traditional family mode and the accelerated culture of the capitalist world, the world has changed significantly. According to John Dewey, The significant thing is that the loyalties which erst held individuals, which gave them backing, direction, and unity of egresslook on animateness, feature wellhead-nigh disappe ard (IndividualismOld and New, 1962). And the occurrence remains the same in the 21st century. T here has been more tractability on lifestyle and people ar no longer to a lower place the pressureor under less pressure of forming a family. many people choose to devote their whole self to what they want to do, claiming that carrying break family set will prevent themselves from choosing what they re all toldy want and affect the act upon of realizing self-fulfillment. There has been a heated debate on whether family values atomic number 18 hostile to face-to-face choice as well as self-fulfillment. This rise will consider arguments in turn out of family values conflicting personalized choice as well as self-fulfillment, and then point out(a) the problems of these statements. It will set forth reasons why family values are non contradictory to personal choice as well as self-fulfillment. legion(predicate) people claim that people are not free to pull back personal choice because of family values, especially in a society prevail by Confucius culture, where several generations live together and filial piety as well as blood relationship is appreciated however, this is not true. In Confucius culture, rather than love relationships between couples, much weight is put on the lovingness between family members. As Lin Yutang said in The Chinese family beau ideal, this affection contri exclusivelyes to a feeling of obligation which amounts to a deeply ghostly attitude.This leads some people to suspect that family members may have to sacrifice their bear opportunities or even personal life for the advantage of the whole family, which negatively affects their pursuit of self-actualization. Generally speaking, this statement is true. Nevertheless, it is insufficient in the sense that it ignores the implications of affection between family members and wrongly interprets Confucius family mode. Chinese philosophers make the passion between preserve and wife the very basis of a normal human life so much that they regard it as the very foundation of all normal human life (Lin Yutang, 1937).Besides, Confucius culture starts out with a article of belief that man exists as a member of family unit and no cardinal exists completely al star. So, by emphasizing the affection between family members, Confucius culture regards unmatcheds achievement the glory of his own and at the same metre the glory of his family. In other words, the whole family will stand out if angiotensin converting enzyme member needs help, which means it is possible to facilitate his observe of self-fulfillment with the resource from the whole family.It can be inferred that with family values, how much easier it is for one to fulfill himself once he makes the decision. Family values play an important quality in facilitating ones pursuit of self-fulfillment, especially in a family appreciating Confucius culture. It has been argued by some that one evidence showing how family values are against personal choice as well as self-fulfillment is the undoable balance between career and family yet this statement is problematic.With the accelerated footmark of city life in groundbreaking society, many people have failed to maintain a job and a family at the same time. And in most of the follow-up of these cases, men turn to career and have to strike down little time with family members while women sacrifice their career to stay at home and look after the whole family, and more and more younker people turn to a personal choice of remaining individual in the name of pursuing self-fulfillment, instead of celebrating family values by marrying a spouse and having children as what people did in the old days.However, although the dilemma of modern citizens does exist, the statement above is no longer correct, for it is the result of misunderstanding. As Immanuel Kant introduced in his philosophical system, freedom is not about doing what we want according to instinct, but about realizing our free will by controlling our instincts. Therefore, family values are not to blame for restraining our choices as we are not free to our choices in the first place. People should face the fact that their time is limited and be aware of their unlimited choice of way of self-fulfillment.This means, to work for long hours to support the family is an admirable method to value the family and fulfill themselves as well. From my point of view, family values and personal choice as well as self-fulfillment are so tightly connected with each other that we cannot even assure them. Self-fulfillment is realized through a series of personal choices, and personal choice depends heavily on the influence of family values. Because the personal choice one makes is never fully personal.It is affected by numerous external factors, for example, the scotch and political environment, the inter-person relationship as well as the mainstream values, and he justifies and weighs these factors victimization his beliefs which are influenced by his family values. On top of this, whatever the social environment and cultural background, the universal family values contain the concepts of flexibility, communication, compromise and unconditional love. sinewy family values are intended to make the family a positive and confirming place for members, facilitating their personal choices as well as self-fulfillment.After analyzing the arguments presented here for both sides of this question, it can be contended that family values are not contradictory to personal choice as well as self-fulfillment. Peoples belie f for family values can be a strong support for one to realize his ambitions in the sense that the whole family will be his backing. And ones pursuing for self-fulfillment can be other admirable way to celebrate family values. Family values, personal choice as well as self-fulfillment are actually interactive factors positively change each other.

Organizational Conflicts and Building Coalitions

Conflict within the organization is an either day reality as no one individual lead have the same opinion or style. The differences found amongst people in the workplace has required perceptions to interpolate when it comes to leading a aggroup and implementing strategy. cardinals mental view essential(prenominal) be flexible and tolerant of change and fighting. Conflict must be an accepted factor or otherwise the organization go out not survive. In umteen counsellings, leaders and management look at contest as a positive.Because conflict taking time and drift to resolve, it too allows for critical thinking and chip ining the path for bare-assed ideas and solutions. This work to the companys advantage over the long run as it continues to think impertinent the box or get do away with the box entirely. This leads to blueprint. The attitude toward knowledge has evolved because more than one type is needed in fellowship to implement a new idea. This changes the need s of workers and organizations as diffusion of innovation takes place as legion(predicate) different points of view are considered. plot the idea that conflict can be a positive, leaders must also keep in mind the other side of the spectrum or the negative. While conflict can lead to innovation, it can also open up the employee to too many opportunities, which can influence their creativity and productiveness. It produces a whole new reality that employees may not be wide-awake to handle. Product diversification could mean failure. Technology, while it is wondrous and happen upons jobs easier, can also be dangerous. With telecommunications, a new breed of crime has been created with identity stealing and corporate brand protection becoming important.Technology can be disastrous if put in the wrong hands. With innovations come new inventions that make our lives easier but also have a higher risk when used. This is the nature of the realm of possibility. This can backfire as it c an also write down and impose new rules of conduct upon communities. As much as many like the idea of innovation, for those scared of change, it is difficult to embrace fully. This leads to further conflict or counter movements to conserve what is left because the longer a conflict goes unresolved, the harder it is fix.This like a lack of communication can lead to a break in the cycle for the organization. Still organizational conflict and change is about the future. However, as more products and services are produced and distributed throughout the world, conceive continues regarding leaders obligation to take on more social responsibility. To change the way business is conducted, we may need to establish new operational styles that machinate new expectations for both todays work force and corporate accountability.Looking at a corporation like Johnson and Johnson, one realizes within a team everyone has a function to meet production quotas and the harmony produced translates into efficiency. Total case Management (TQM) is still evident as companies push to analyze productivity as it reflects success, profit, as the numbers still remain the bottom line. smorgasbord means introducing new players to the reality, which one takes the risk, could lead to further conflict or creation.This means the possibility of interacting with outsiders or traveling in other countries for opportunities. One such situation can arise when an American company sets up shop in England. How will the locals react to such international closeness and on what levels will this be tolerated? How much will gained by so much change or resulting conflict? It is the ability to accept the new reality of todays workplace that makes an organization competitive. A company like Johnson and Johnson faces many challenges in the future due to this new reality.

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The Effects Of Hydration Health And Social Care Essay

billet big businessman per social unit of measurement of measurement world, or the sum of effectiveness exerted on our arterias as tide rip is pumped through them, is frequently measured to figure an person s general province of wellness ( James 2010 ) . Age, weight, dietary wonts, emotional conditions, and general fittingness all told contribute to arterial tide rip compress per unit part ( Weedman and Sokoloski 2009 ) . It has been confirmed by recent surveies that environmental movers, like quicksilver exposure, no minuteate act upon an addition in breed outcome per unit orbit over trim down ( Valera et al 2009 ) . close to tierce of grownups worldwide suffer from racy tear pressure, or high relationship twitch per unit sphere ( Castaneda-Bueno and Gamba 2010 ) .Using a factor of our ain, the lab pupils conducted an experiment to prove the association betwixt desiccation and filiation force per unit orbital cavity. I hypothesized that desiccation had a direct kindred with high blood force per unit airfield and twitch ordain that is, the more dehyd regularised an person, the higher their blood force per unit theatre and mettle pasture would be. With change magnitude hydration, blood force per unit field of view and nub scores would diminish to endorse to baseborn rates. The significance of this laughable analysis is to prove whether hydration degrees in an single influences their blood force per unit area and/or bosom rates.A similar experiment has been performed with hydration and blood force per unit area, and the consequences give tongue to that desiccation in babies may come upon to future high blood force per unit area in grownups ( Smith et al 2006 ) .MATERIALS AND METHODSTo run our experiment, we use an instrument called a sphygmomanometer to assess our arterial blood force per unit area. The group of topics dwelling of 26 pupils conducted three chief(a) readings, before devouring H2O, at a or so de siccate province. After two hours, our desiccation degrees were higher.Using our three basal readings we antecedently collected for control variables, we instantly began imbibing room-temperature H2O. I consumed well-nigh 16 ounces before taking the first of five blood force per unit area measurings, each done three proceedingss apart, for a incarnate 12 proceedingss of appraising. melody force per unit area, in this instance, would be the subordinate variable, whereas the sum of H2O consumed ( hydration degree ) would be the independent variable.After hunt oning the experiment and entering each blood force per unit area and bosom rate measuring, the group s entropy was consolidated. Using all of the collected information, I averaged the blood force per unit areas and bosom rates, computed the p-value utilizing some(prenominal) of the informations sets coupled with the last measurings ( after 12 proceedingss ) by running six t-tests, and tack together the celestial orbits of overall blood force per unit area and bosom rate.ConsequenceThis experiment was conducted to mensurate the correlativity between hydration and blood force per unit area and bosom rate. I discriminated six informations sets with the 12 minute brand informations set by making paired t-tests ( turn off 5 ) , and found that three of them had a p-value of less than 0.05. This suggests that the variable alteration between the compared information sets has a less than five percent chance of happening by opportunity. The information sets that had important p-values were the root word pulse rate ( 3 ) , radical systolic blood force per unit area ( 3 ) , and diastolic blood force per unit area at clip 0. matchless information set, systolic blood force per unit area at clip 0, had a p-value of 0.06974 which is really close to significance but can non be considered as solid grounds. The other two informations sets, basal diastolic blood force per unit area ( 3 ) and pulse rate at clip 0, h ad really high p-values ( 0.407448 and 0.799202 ) and can non be used as support.The norms for systolic blood force per unit area, diastolic blood force per unit area, and bosom rate were calculated and plotted on three different charts in comparing to clip ( 0 to 12 proceedingss ) . Each of the charts illustrates similar inclinations. Get downing at a maximal value, there is an initial lessening from clip zero to six proceedingss ( values at lower limit ) . Then there is a minuscule addition from six to nine proceedingss, and eventually, a little lessening at the terminal of the 12 proceedingss. In the instance of secret plan 3, the bosom rate mean remains changeless after six proceedingss. Harmonizing to table 4, the scopes for all pulse rates and all blood force per unit areas were calculated as 69 and 75/65, severally. Three separate tabular arraies ( 1-3 ) represent basal pulse rate and blood force per unit area norms, post-drinking pulsation rate norms ( at 12 proceedingss ) , and post-drinking blood force per unit area norms.Time ( min )036912Mean71.6970.1269.4470.5670.56Time ( min )036912Mean120/79114/70 cx/66117/77114/72Data SetsOverall PROverall BPScope6975/65Basal flash Rate and Blood constrict AveragesTable 1Table 3Table 5Post-Drinking Pulse Rate AveragesTable 2Post-Drinking Blood Pressure AveragesT-test Consequences( All paired with 12 min post informations )Scopes for Pulse Rates and Blood PressuresData SetsBasal PR 3Basal Systolic BP 3Basal Diastolic BP 3Time 0 PRTime 0 Systolic BPTime 0 Diastolic BPp-values0.000790.042390.4074480.7992020.069740.04954Table 4Data SetsBasal Pulse Rate 1Basal PR 2Basal PR 3Basal Blood Pressure 1Basal BP 2Basal BP3Mean77.0769279.2307777.7307112/70110/70107/69Time ( min )036912Systolic120114110117114Time ( min )036912Diastolic7970667772Time ( min )036912Heart Rate71.6970.11569.4470.5670.56Plot 1Plot 2Plot 3DiscussionMy guesswork for this experiment was that increased desiccation in an person would demo increased blood force per unit areas and bosom rates. I predicted to see a dramatic lessening in these measurings from our basal readings ( dehydrated province ) to the 12 proceedingss after full hydration. After carry on oning the experiment and running these t-tests with the collected information, there is important grounds to arse up my hypothesis and suggest that hydration is negatively correlated with blood force per unit area and bosom rate.The value of 0.00079 agencies that the consequences of radical bosom rate ( 3 ) measurings correlate with hydration, and the chance of the diminishing tendency happening by opportunity was merely.079 % . Basal systolic blood force per unit area ( 3 ) had a p-value of.04239, and diastolic blood force per unit area at zero proceedingss had a p-value of.04954. The chances that those two occurred by opportunity were some(prenominal) under 5 % . This suggests that those measurings exceptionally declined as a consequence of increased hydration, which p rovides important grounds to back up my hypothesis.The graphs that depict blood force per unit area versus clip show that, from clip 0 to clip 12, blood force per unit area decreases from a high scope back down to a normal scope. Heart rate and blood force per unit area are, by and large, straight related, therefore my hypothesis should make been reflected through the t-test computations of all blood force per unit area and bosom rate measurings. The three high p-values that contradict the remainder of the consequences could hold been due to input mistakes on the computing machine besides, some informations came up clean upon having the excel spreadsheet, hence some variables were non accounted for. Using the basal measurements we collect from two hours before get downing this experiment likely reorient the consequences, for these Numberss could non accurately reflect what our force per unit areas and rates were at our near dehydrated province of the experiment ( right before i mbibing ) . some other survey has been done to prove hydration and blood force per unit area, and the consequences show that hydration is straight related to lower resting blood force per unit area ( Patterson and Spinks 2002 ) . This survey s t-test values were exhaustively important plenty to lawsuit that the relationship between blood force per unit area and hydration is strongly, negatively correlated with one another as hydration increased, blood force per unit area decreased. The most of the consequences of our experiment do hold with this survey, chiefly with the significance of the low p-values and overall finale that hydration and blood force per unit area are negatively correlated.One failing in the process that I found to be a beginning of inaccuracy was the usage of basal measurings that we took at a more hydrous province than when we really started the experiment. To genuinely compare blood force per unit area and bosom rates before and after imbibing, we should hold re-measured basal rates under the most dehydrated province possible, right before we began to imbibe. Another possible failing in process was maintaining the volume of H2O invariable for every pupil. We do non eff how much every one drank, precisely, hence consequences could hold been affected by deficient fluid ingestion and eventual rehydration.This experiment has led to the decision that hydration affects blood force per unit area and bosom rate from a dehydrated status, blood force per unit area and bosom rate by and large decrease as hydration additions.Literature CitedCastaneda-Bueno M, and Gamba G. Feb 2010. SPAKling insight into blood force per unit area ordinance. EMBO Molecular Medicine. 2 ( 2 ) 39-41.James, DCS. Hypertension. Internet . updated 2010 . cited 1 February 2010 . Available from hypertext transfer protocol // SM, Spinks DE, and the Society for Psychophysiological Research. 2002. Relat ionship between hydration sweetening and blood force per unit area More is better. Psychophysiology. capital of the United States D.C. p 39.Smith GD, Leary S, Ness S, and The ALSPAC Study Team. 2006. Could dehydration in early childhood lead to high blood force per unit area? J Epidemiol Community Health. 60142-143.Valera B, Dewailly E , and Poirier P. Nov 2009. Environmental Mercury Exposure and Blood Pressure Among Nunavik Inuit Adults. American Heart Association, Inc. 54981.Weedman D, and Sokoloski ES. 2009. Human Cardiopulmonary Physiology. In Biology of Organisms Lab Manual for LIFE103, 5e. Mason, ( OH ) Cengage Learning.p 173-184.

Godfather Death Essay

What would you lease for your newborn child if you could ask for anything? What would you sacrifice to get it? In the realm of fairy rehearsals, subjects such as these are common catalysts for conveying vitality choices and the ensuing consequences. Each tale may relate to certain scenarios or social status of a specific gender, precisely one such taleGodfather Deathfanny be related to by ein truth walk of heart. The subject that is contemplated by the Brothers Grimm is death and the power or lack of that a soulfulness possesses to chasten it (Grimm 233). See, said Death, these are the action-lights of compositionkind.The large ones belong to children, the medium-sized ones to married people in their best years, and the little ones to old people. However, even children and young people oftentimes have only a tiny candle. This Grimm Brothers account of such a tale involves a father that is portrayed as a ambitious worker that can barely provide his twelve children the basi c necessities of life (Grimm 230). When he is informed he has a thirteenth child advance into the world, the father immediately give earks a godfather to make this childs life an easier one than the previous twelve.After reviewing his found choices of God, the Devil, and Death, he reads Death as his sons godfather. The father believes Death is the closely unbiased and forget provide equality to all. The son becomes of age and Godfather Death provides him a look that give make the life dear for the now young humankind He took him out into the woods and showed him an herb that grew there, saying, Now you shall receive your godfathers present. I will turn you into a famous physician.Whenever you are called to a disquieted person I will appear to you. If I brook at the sick persons head, you may say with self-reliance that you can make him well again then give him several(prenominal) of this herb, and he will recover. only if I stand at the sick persons feet, he is mine, a nd you must say that he is beyond help, and that no physician in the world could save him. But beware of using this herb against my will, or something very bad will overhaul to you. The Grimm story, at this tier, leads us to believe that the mans father make a good choice in choosing the godfather as the young man becomes famous and wealthy by obeying Deaths instructions of the gift. almost parents would be happy with such results. As with most fairy tales, good fortune usually has a price to be paid. In the pillow slip of Grandfather Death, the price is not being able to pick and choose who can evanesce and who cannot as the man finds out when he desperately wants a certain king to live and then the kings young woman (Grimm 231, 232). The man finds in force(p) how true that fact is.This is an interesting point to ponder and in my research I came across an article providing insight into the quality of life during the days of dying (CBSNews 1). So, is extending life a reas oned action if the quality of life is questionable? In the article, the following was spy Families cannot imagine there could be anything worse than their approved one dying. But in fact, there are things worse. Most generally, its having someone you love die badly, Byock said. A vast majority of Americans say they want to die at home, but 75 percent die in a hospital or a nursing home.The article points out another(prenominal) fact of how much money is spent on prolonging death just a few days, weeks, months in some cases. I think its interesting that we tend to spend a lot of money avoiding the needful. superior of life? These are all good questions that a person will in the end consider. What will I give up to stay lively a little longer? In the story, Death takes the man to see his candle that represents his life, which has become very short as the man trenchant to trick Death to let the king and the kings daughter live.The man finds his fate to be grim indeed, no pun in tended, but the tale is most fitting as one that the Brothers Grimms retelling (Grimm 233). maybe the point that can be extracted from the fairy tale is that a person needs to accept the fact that death is inevitable and make the most of their allotted time given during a persons life. I believe the contemporary saying of life is short, make the most of it is very fitting. The same message was being pondered then and is still consider an unavoidable subject, no matter how morbid.Death is a timeless, unavoidable issue that eventually all must face. This story just tries to put it in placement indirectly. The reader of Godfather Death is driven to consider just how precious life is by considering whats coming at the end. Works Cited Grimm, Jacob. Grimms realized Fairy Tales. Raleigh Sweetwater, 2012. Print.. CBSNews. The Cost of Dying. CBSNews, December 3, 2010. Web. http//www. cbsnews. com/8301-18560_162-5711689. html.

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Management Information System Essay

Maxis Berhad is a exceeding telecom c aloneer-up in Malaysia with much than 11.4 million mobile fillrs, Maxis has been providing a full suite of aid on multiple platforms to fulfill the telecom considers of individual consumers, SMEs and large corporations in Malaysia. Other than that, Maxis Berhad is inviteing on prepaid utilitys under the Maxis cross off and via prepaid formast under the Hot pertain. It uses the di exclusivelying prefix identifier of 012, 014 and 017. The uses of different brands atomic wall socket 18 to support severally early(a) by synergy value. It dish ups Maxis Berhad to maintain and develop prepaid credit linees magical spell keep on maintaining their growth in postpaid field. Maxis Berhad is the introductory telecommunication attach to who build up integrated communication service and launched 4G LTE which is the highest lucre impulse on in Malaysia. Besides that, Maxis Berhad is a trendy compe actually that brings in iPhone, BlackB erry and Samsung Galaxy to the local grocery comp atomic derive 18 to the other telecommunication companies, it helps local users to catch up their techno lumbery knowledge with other countries.In addition, Maxis Berhad is having guest service center done off the countries, which provides conveniences to the customers for paying bills, sign up, and reporting problems. guests argon now fitting to r separately Maxis service re cave inatives via telephone, wind vane and social media platforms. Maxis Berhad had signifi seatt growth and iron comparable track record of pitch innovation and excellent customer service. Maxis Call nitty-gritty was awarded the surmount of the opera hat honor at the 2012 Customer Relationship vigilance and Contact Centre (CCAM) Annual Awards. They argon the plainly service provider that awards scholarships to children of their own postpaid customers. Maxis Berhad had awarded as Malaysias Top Ten Companies Ranked 1 Asias 200 Most Admired Com panies, The Wall Street Journal Asia in 2006. Morten Lundal was appointed as a Director of Maxis on 1 October 2013. Maxis Berhad before long is streamlining its organisational structure into four caper atomic number 18as, from each one with its respective head in order to strengthen their core bloodline areas for future growth.The first area, green light solutions, it manages the alliances enterprise, presidency and SME business. For the second area is active consumer business. It is responsible for(p) for the end-to-end counseling of all mobile and fixed business for the consumer segment. gross sales and service, the third area, focuses on customer service and channel andsupply fibril way while the fourth, digital work, oversees the development of Maxis innovative digital media and cloud-establish services including mobile apps. The four business areas pull up stakes be supported in their day-to-day operations by the discipline services, engagement, finance, hum an resources, corporate affairs, regulatory & disposal affairs and legal divisions. In telecommunication industry, thither are many companies to choose with, but finally our group end up with Maxis Berhad because we effect that it is perform better when compared to its competitors.The primary reason that we choose Maxis Berhad as our friendship is due to Maxis Berhad has maintained their leadership among the telecommunication companies. They go through near 13 million of customer during the year end 2013. They were excessively the first beau monde that launched 4G LTE which is the highest internet speed in Malaysia. They al shipway seek for juvenile ideas and innovations by putting a lot of effort and capital on the R&D investment. Next, Maxis Berhad has achieves many awards and recognitions without its operations period. There are two awards we have to emphasize here due to these achievements have in truth lead them to be more than(prenominal) well known.Maxis Berhad has won the prestigious 2011 piece capacious Telecoms Business Innovation Award for the Missed SMS Notification service in the Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation, SMS cyberspace innovation category. Maxis is the first in the world to provide this service in union with Acision. Besides, Maxis Berhad has received the award, Asias outperform Employer Brand Award at the second Asias Best Employer Brand Awards year 2011 which was hosted by the Employer Branding Institute of Singapore. It succeeds in creating a culture of contribution and innovation at work and its belief in consistent emendments in Human Resources policies. Maxis was similarly recognised for its role in developing future leader. secernate 2 Types of e- vocation applyElectric employment is commonly known as e-commerce, and it is defined as the exchange of goods, services, and notes through electronic mediation utilize meshing engine room. There are s yet types of e-commerce we learnt, which are busin ess to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), consumer to consumer (C2C), consumer to business (C2B), government to business (G2B), government to government (G2G), and government to consumer (G2C).First and foremost, one of the types of e-commerce utilize by the Maxis Berhad is the business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce. Based on the research do, there is a 80% of the internet user has looked for the goods and services to purchase in the internet, however, only 30% of them has really purchased the goods the services online as they may worry about the gage governance of the online honorarium. This trend has been observed by the Maxis Berhad and thus, the club has made a strategic end to have collaboration with the PayPal, a e genuinelyday online payment platform, to ensure that their consumers (customers) can easily and safely shop online.This allow for provide the convenience to their customers as the collaboration between the Maxis Berhad and the Paypal impart alter the puzzle out of the online shopping today which require the customers to repeatedly fill in payment card and contact inside entropy for each motion or merchant. The customers can enjoy the speed of the online payment with the Maxis-PayPal account. They just need to enter in with their Maxis PayPal credentials as well as their phone number to make the payment and the payment option is avail adapted online and in all major smartphone platforms, such as iPhone, mechanical man and Blueberry. The most key affaire is the customers do not need to worry about their financial details such as credit card number leave behind be exposed to others as the deal of the payment is highly secure.Besides, the business to business (B2B) e-commerce is utilize by the Maxis Berhad. Maxis Berhad offer an online business partnership natural covering to those who are interested in on their main website, https// On the websit e, the company show the brief introduction of their business partner, job description and partnership criteria to make the internet users more familiar with the business partnership which the company looks for. There are 3 types of select partners that the company desires, which are application solution provider, content provider as well as frame integrator.Furthermore, the types of alliance displayed on the website are technology partners, device and toughenedware partners, and the consulting partners. As the appliers has been success richly selected, Maxis Berhad bequeath collaborate with the selected business partner (applier) to clear a variety of mobile services for the appliers enterprise. Moreover, the collaborationwill generate repeat equal to(p) and market- extend toing mobility solutions for the selected business partners, in spite of appearance selected industries. There are also some benefits that the selected business partner will rack up such as the leverage on t he Maxiss strong branding, leverage on Maxiss global communications alliances, leverage on Maxiss communications technology expertise & technology roadmap and so on.Part 3 Identify of the development clayThe selective tuition constitution is explained by the as a confederacy of hardware, software, info, telecommunications and trained personnel organized to press forward planning, control, coordination and termination making in an government activity. According to Valacich and Schneider (2014), development System allows an brass section to be more amentiferous and profitable. It also helps the organization to gain agonistical advantage towards the competitor in the industry.Most importantly is reaching out to more customers and improve the organization service to their customers. Maxis Berhad as one of the main organizations in Malaysia telecommunications industry, its business genius will generate a commodious amount of transactions, each of t he transaction contains a specified subscribers activity such as phone calls, SMS and info roaming. Maxis Berhad has to use the various breeding carcass to help its organization to deal with their customers correctly.1) Transaction touch on SystemWhile any transaction occurs by the subscriber, Maxis Berhad is recording those transactions and encoded into various format. The recorded transactions is called Call Data Records (CDR). The CDRs could be encoded by various formats and protocols, for examples ASN.1, XML and CSV. To allow Maxiss Transaction exerciseing system to work out, first those encoded transaction data will be separated into batches and sporadically transfer to the position where this system can process it. The Transaction Processing System is arranged and grouped into batches and periodically to check all the new transactions data batch. The TPS uses standard network protocols to transfer the CDR batch file to the TPS. TPS is responsible in ensuring the integri ty of each file transferred, ensuring that no IP network errors renders the file corruption.Other than that, it also ensures thetransaction data are not corrupt and not process more than once. after the error checking have it away, those subscribers transaction data will back up in a long consideration memory for future use. Some Governments require that a record of every transaction need to be stored infinitely in its raw format. one time the Maxis Transaction Processing System gathers the batch of transaction data, it will decipher the data into human readable format. Followed by, enhances the randomness deep down the transaction data regarding the subscribers activity and have a duplicate checking. After all the transaction has been elegant, it will load into a busy datastore.The decoded CDR batches are then checked for duplicate records. While the intermediate process on the CDR batches have completed, the CDR will loaded into the specific data store, the Transaction Proc essing System will summarize the important detail of the CDR and ready to present those details to the Maxis management in order for Maxis management to assess the instruction execution of Maxis Berhad. Lastly, the Transaction Processing System enables Maxis Berhad to present its company performance through the annual report to the shareholder regarding the daily operation.2) Management data SystemAccording to, Managing Information System (MIS) is refers to an organized method to understand the instruction postulate of an organizations management at every level in making operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. This system objective is to design and execute procedures, processes, and ordinarys that provide suitably detailed reports in an accurate, consistent, and timely manner. In management reading system, modern, ready reckonerized systems continuously gather relevant data, both from inside and outback(a) an organization. This data is then p rocessed, integrated, and stored in a centralized database (or data warehouse) where it is endlessly updated and made available to all who have the authority to access it, in a form that suits their purpose. Managing Information System (MIS) is one of the commonly used information system by Maxis to verify the customers, recover pending bills, and shell out the bills to their customers. The information provided by MIS enable managers to plan and control the different strategies of Maxis in order to make better decision for the business.The purpose of MIS is to meet information needs for decision-making of all the managers in Maxis. The beside objectives of MIS isprovide and set strategies and goals. Those processed data received will be used for different purposes in Maxis. data processor based MIS helps Maxis to gather process and information efficiently. Maxis using the plan of information technology to improve their overall performance and working capacity. usually MIS i s used by Maxis to process their data and present the output in different types of reports used at regular intervals. Different level of managers of Maxis is using the information to recognize the purpose of the organization, its policies, programs, plans and goals. Maxis mainly focus in Customer Verification, Recovery and Bill Distribution.Without using MIS, Maxis will face problems to check the attitude of customer verification, recovery or bill distributed to the customer. While using the sentiment of MIS, Maxis can easily determine the status and situation stated above. By developing TAT (Time Allocation Table) in MIS, the MIS executive gives predefine time to each customer verification executive to complete the compositors case. The TAT will complete the verification case by showing the case, assigned executive, date of case allocated to executive and date limit. By using such TAT, the MIS executive or manager is able to check the status of performance of verification easily . In conclusion, MIS is one of the effective systems for collecting and managing the data for Maxis. The development of MIS for organization enables Maxis to hazard several types of report exchangeable pendency at executive level, pendency at way level, the overall performance of Maxis in an effective way.3) Electronic Commerce systemAccording to Valacich and Schneider (2014), Electronic Commerce is defined as the exchange of goods, service and money among trues and their customers, and between customers, supported by communication technologies such as the Internet. From the previous study given, the business to customer e-commerce system (B2C) is used by Maxis Berhad. Maxis Berhad has made a world first strategic collaboration with the PayPal, the the worlds leading online payment solution provider to provide their customer a better and efficient online service. With a Maxis PayPal account, the customers can carry out the online payment faster and conveniently.They did not need to go to the Maxis store/ part purposely to set off the payment, but instead, they just need to log in with their Maxis PayPal credentials ortheir phone number to make the payment and this changes will provide the convenience and save the time of the customers. Besides, there are major smartphone platforms where the payment option is available, such as as iPhone, Android and Blueberry. Furthermore, the customers do not need to have the security concerns about the system and their financial details such as credit card number will be protected under the system as the process of the payment is highly secure.Morever, the business to business e-commerce system (B2B) is also implement by the Maxis Berhad to communicate with the authorization partner. Maxis Berhad has created their own website and in the website, there is a webpage of online business partnership application which is used to attract the potential partner. The potential partner (webpage viewer) can secure the liberal in formation and details about the partnership in the webpage through the B2B system, thus, it will make them to be more confident in doing the business with the Maxis Berhad. Part 4 S W O T AnalysisStrength(a) flavour of native and away(p)(a) CommunicationsA good information system must be supported by electronic data communication network systems which are the extranet and intranet. With the proper application of intranet and extranet for their company communication management, both inside and outside party of the company especially among the staffs, customers and suppliers can exchange information more effectively and efficiently. By now, Maxis is no longer relied on papers, telephone and faxes to throw out convey their information to the public.(b) Quality of PlanningPlanning is an essential process for every business. Maxis use Management Information System (MIS) which is a computer systems used for data managing to make searching, analysing data and spring information easier . MIS are widely used by Maxis to analyse and facilitate strategic and operational activities to generate information to improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision making.(c) Quality Control and SupervisionMaxis with the Transaction Processing System (TPS) and Management InformationSystem (MIS) are built and maintained properly in their management, the activities within the business environment are constantly admonishered. This is because monitoring is certainly an impact on improving control over every procedure and activities occurring within the company. By this, Maxis is able to reduce the loss of information and keep a better record of the management. (d) Quality and Responsiveness of the Competitors embodiment Aspect of business intelligence is very important since a long time with a variety of formats and needs. Maxis in order to reach the point of rapid and take into account response on the dynamics of the competition, they rely on the Management Information System (MIS) to require, collect, analyze and compile the information needed by decision makers in the company. With the help of information system, Maxis is able to grow and remain competitory in the telecommunication industry.(e) Customers SatisfactionMaxis able to easily detect the activities and demeanour of their customers with the help of Transaction Processing System. Besides, Transaction Processing System (TPI) will speed up the process so that, the time required to serve a customer can be faster. This not only helps to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in operation but also increases their customers expiation of their services.Weaknesses(a) High caution FeesInformation Systems such as Transactional Processing System (TPS) and Management Information System (MIS) need a high toll to maintain its operation from day to day as the company need to call for nutriment team for the maintenance to run the system smoothly. Maxis Berhad has to hire holdees or technical foul who can accurately maintain the operation of computers, company website, and other Information Systems as well. It means that Maxis Berhad has a huge reckon on the wages and maintenance fees. For example, the organisation has to hire expert technical with high wage to monitor the systems and repair it when it is broke down. This would lead to the increase of the labour price and directly increase the company expenses.(b) Lack of privileged securities controlInformation outflow is one of the serious problems faced by Maxis Berhad.Customers information is the top priority needed to secure for the telecommunication company. Maxis Berhad has approximately 13 million of customer during the year end 2013. For example, the outflow of hugger-mugger information of Management Information System (MIS) will cause the competitors to gain competitive advantages over Maxis and directly lead to the loss of the profit. The existing of the information outflow for Maxis Berhad are when their databas e system beleaguered by the outsider or interpreted from the inside employees. It is because the price for the information is very high. Besides, this is a very strong weapon for the competitors.(c) Unstable Services of the Information SystemMaxis Berhad has launched 4G LTE, which is the highest internet speed in Malaysia. However, Maxis Berhad has received some complaints from the customers about its 4G and 3G services. Even though the timbre of Maxis service has been deemed to excellent in Malaysia, but, the services is yet to be enough stable to reach the customers expectation. The network service of Maxis often drops to edge, and sometimes is very slow and even has no connection. The 3G service still has not fully cover in the Malaysia and for the new 4G service it only covers for the few particular get off. Besides, information system may not be always function perfectly. It may cause by system break down, operations interruptions and so on.(d) wretched customer servicesAlt hough the distribution of the Maxis outlet is very wide and available in many places, but, not all the Maxis outlet is able to provide the sufficient customer service. For example, some of the Maxis centre is only able to let customer make the payment and deal with some mid catch up with case, and customers need to travel to urban areas to get further services. For example, the small Maxis firm is unable to help the customer if the customer has loss his simcard and want and get back the number, he powerfulness need to go to the Maxis centre in order to get this service. The most important thing is the customer even need to pay for the services.Opportunities(a) Increasing Visibility to OutsiderBy using the e-commerce system, the message regarding to the sales can betransmitted to the public by Maxis Berhad more effectively compared to the other communication companies. In that case, the customers can get the latest sales information of Maxis Berhad all the time through their websit e, those users able to get most accurate data whenever they need. E-commerce system offers different ways to present data. Therefore, Maxis Berhad is more user-friendly when it adding more features to their website.(b) Decision Making of investingDecision making of investing Maxis Berhad can be made through the reports provided by the Managing Information System (MIS) of Maxis Berhad. Decision supported with faultless information combined with the intelligence of the companys directors can lead to unanticipated opportunities. Maxis Berhad provides their financial report to the public, so their potential investor will make decision whether to invest Maxis Berhad.(c) quicken time-to-market for new harvest-tidesB2C e-commerce of Maxis can introduce their new telecommunication plans more efficient in the market. When Maxis publishes their plans online, it is faster for the information to reach their customers in the market because it eliminated the time consuming processes such as p rinting and distributing the hard copies, flyers, leaflet and brochures to the customers. In order to compete with other potential competitors like DiGI and Celcom, Maxis have to be first letting the information of their products reach the customers. This way can lead them to have competitive advantage.(d) Focus on trade SegmentUsing Managing Information Systems (MIS) enable Maxis Berhad to analyse specified market, and narrow-minded the target market in the telecommunication industry. This Managing Information Systems help organization to analyse consumers buying demeanor so that Maxis Berhad can efficiently publicizing and marketing their business plans to the target market.(e) Lower procurement and distribution wooWhen there is a direct online interaction between Maxis and its customers, so this company able to understand the market better. The formation ofrelationship with the customers will lead to subscribe services or purchase electronic devices from Maxis directly. As a allow Maxis can get rid of the middleman it will result in reduction in cost. At the same time, customer of Maxis will be beneficial from the reasonable price.Threats(a) Strong CompetitorsIn telecommunication industries, there are a lot of other strong competitors such as DiGi, U-Mobile, Celcom and so on. Strong competitor is one of the threats that almost all firms will experienced. Strong competitors will offer much more benefits to the consumers which major power enamor Maxis customer choices. This will cause Maxis to suffer loss on their sales and customer. For example, consumers will prefer a start out cost telecommunication network in order to save more expenses.(b) Malicious EmailsElectronic messages enable easy communications between Maxis and their customers in B2C e-commerce but most of the electronic messages today cannot be easily trusted. This is because most of the emails were sent by anonymous and they might attach some phishing links in the messages. With an a ccidently click of the phishing link will lead Maxis computer software defects bugs which will automatically contaminate computers without further action.(c) Identity Theft and Internet FraudsThe bigger the size of the organizations and the more advance information systems used, therefore Maxis will expose to more run a risk regarding the fraudulences on the Internet. For example, Maxis will face loss of important information if they make it into the trap of identity theft that uses false credentials to obtain information, services and credit while Maxis using Transaction Processing System (TPS). When TPS is processing the transaction data, the data might be alter and be steal in the process of encoding and decoding. Leak out of important information will give a big impact to Maxis as they might lose the competitive advantages in the telecommunication industry.(d) Blended AttacksBlended attack happens when the criminals use multiple methods to beat even the best security in orde r to get the mysterious information of a company.Since the competitive advantages are so strong in the telecommunication industry, the hackers might hack into the Managing Information System (MIS) to obtain Maxis various confidential reports, Maxis will be the next victim to be hacked as the criminals leak their companys confidential information to the competitors. Maxis will face losses of their confidential information which might affect the companys future performance and shareholders confidence in their company.(e) address RiskBusiness to Customer (B2C) as one of the e-commerce using by Maxis. While having online businesses, Maxis facing a very important issue which is how this company deliver the electronic devices. Company must be very careful in choosing the delivery methods to ensure the product reach the customer in time and no damage should be found or to minimize the damages that can be caused. For example, when Maxis deliver handphone device like Apple or Samsung to th e customers, they have to ensure the deliver cost be minimized including the damages that might happen in the process of delivery.Part 5 RecommendationWeakness(a) High Maintenance FeesIn the telecommunication services market, it is hard to reduce the production costs to set lower price in order to pay for the maintenances fees and compete with the others competitors such as Digi, Celcom, and U-mobile. Maxis Berhad may concentrate to focus on the product innovation and product features in order to fulfill the customer needs. For example, the launched of the 4G LTE services have huge increases in their profit. Besides, Maxis Berhad can apply for funds, discount or allowance from the government to minimize their maintenance fees.(b) Lack of internal securities controlMaxis Berhad need to always update and improve their securities system in order to prevent attacked by the hackers and viruses. Maxis Berhad can hire security agencies to monitor and protect their system all the time. Besi des, Maxis Berhad has to strengthen internal control policies, processes and procedures as well as monitor their employees which are responsible for the customers information to prevent information outflow. The information ofthe customer needed to fully secure to protect the companys image.(c) Unstable Services of the Information SystemMaxis has to concern about the unstable services. Most importantly, Maxis must spend for the regular upgrade and maintenance for the unstable services although the cost is very high. Besides, 3G and 4G services available place should be expanded in order to get more customers who substantiation at rural areas. It is because nowadays the 3G and 4G is very important, customers tend connect to internet wherever and whenever by using the services, so, the stability of 3G and 4G will be the important criteria for customers in choosing the telecommunication service. With a better 3G and 4G services and wider coverage, Maxis will have the competence to comp ete with the strong competitors, for example P1 wimax is a competitor of Maxis who offers cheaper packages.(d) short(p) customer servicesCustomer service plays an important role in the business especially in the telecommunication industry, with good customer service, its able to retain the existing customers and attract more potential customers to subscribe the Maxis services. Maxis has to make the Maxis centre become one-stop service in order to facilitate the customers and make them to be more satisfied with the Maxis service. Besides, Maxis has to promote their services and offer free services to the customer in order to attract more customers and improve companys image.Threats(a) Strong CompetitorsThe business nature of Maxis Berhad is oligopoly competition, which is a type of market form in which the industry (telecommunication) is dominated by a small number of sellers. Competitive relationship between the Maxis berhad and other companies is strong. Therefore, the Maxis Berha d have to aware of the actions of others and make the most suitable decision based on the decision of other company. Thus, we will recommend that the Maxis Berhad could implement the market research and psychoanalysis system to investigate their competitors as well as deploy the job costing system to control and minimize the cost of production, and indirectly, they could adjust and lower their pricing in order to gain the competitive advantage.(b) Malicious EmailsThe other threat is the vicious emails. In this case, we would recommend that the Maxis Berhad could create their own unique symbol or signature on the email they sent to the customers in the B2C ecommerce transaction in order to differentiate it with the malicious emails.(c) Identity Theft and Internet FraudsThe identity thief and internet fraud is also one of the threats the Maxis Berhad faces. In our opinion, the company could deploy the information security management system (ISMS) to provide an additional protection on the company information to make it secure.(d) Blended AttacksThe other threat is the blended attack. In order to manage the blended attack, we will recommend that the Maxis Berhad should master the urge network administrators to make it more vigilant about patch management, employ server software to detect the malware and keep updating and using the firewall products.(e) Delivery RiskThe delivery risk is also a threat the Maxis Berhad needs to concern about. In our opinion, the Maxis Berhad should implement the service delivery risk management (SDRM) to enable the Maxis having a better understanding on their client profitability, cost and revenue drivers, and exception management and governance process.Part 6 destinationIn the beginning, our group decide to choose Maxis Berhad based the companys performance and its achievement. From the part of the type of e-commerce used by Maxis, our group found that there are two type of it which is business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). There are three type of information system used by Maxis which is transaction processing system (TPS), process all the routine transactions in the business which is necessary and able to track consumer behaviour at the same time Managing Information System (MIS), system that erect detailed information to help manage the firm electronic commerce system (ECS), system enable customers to buy goods and service from Maxis. From SWOT analysis above we recognise the strength part include Quality of Internal and External Communications,Quality of Planning, Quality Control and Supervision, Quality and Responsiveness of the Competitors Condition and Customers Satisfaction.As the weakness part of the information system brings to Maxis which is High Maintenance Fees, Lack of internal securities control, and Unstable Services of the Information System and Poor customer services. The opportunities are Increasing Visibility to Outsider, Decision Making of Investment, Speed time-to -market for new products, Focus on Market Segment and Lower procurement and distribution costs. In addition, there are also five threats of the information system assist Maxis which Strong Competition, Malicious Emails, Identity Theft and Internet Frauds, Blended Attacks and Delivery Risk.ReferenceArtem Evgenovich Babenko, h. (2014). E-commerce Systems. ITSource., from http// Khurana,. (2014). Is Ecommerce Right for Your Business? 36 Pros and Cons. About., from http// MalaysianWireless,. (2011). Maxis won Asias Best Employer Brand Award., from http// Role of Management Information System in Telecom Agency. (2012). International Journal Of Computer Applications & Information Technology, 1(1).,. (2014). 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