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A Voyage to America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A Voyage to America - Essay mannequinThe southern had an agriculturally sustaining economy that made a majority of the profit off the growth and sale of money crops. Some of the cash crops that were sold were tobacco, sugar, and cotton (cotton was the most profitable of all the crops). In order to burn down the massive agricultural economy, both unskilled labor as well as slaves was used in order to harvest the crops. As a result, I would be able to gain employment on a farm or plantation to work either in exchange for living conditions or for a portion of the crops that I can sell for profit. In addition, depending on the governor of the territory, land was minded(p) for Englishmen to develop in exchange for a percentage of the profit that was made from the sales of crops. Owning land heart that I would overhear power, therefore by working for the crown, I would be gaining status through the owning of land, except also profit by the sale of cash crops.In addition, the religi ous tolerance in the south was more lenient than that of the North. The Puritans who followed a strict, non-semantic view of religion colonized the Northern colonies. Therefore, religious conformity was anticipate and religious tolerance was at a minimum. In addition, the south had citizens that were loyal to the crown. Thus, the system of government in the south was more traditional as well as represented one of the oldest ruling bodies in the thirteen colonies.The south represented the best alternative for those in England that were not wealthy and did not have the skills to be profitable in other parts of the new world. The sale of cash crops provided economic constancy that would extend even past the original thirteen colonies all the way through the civil war. unconnected other portions of the colony, the south offered opportunities that were better due to the style of government and the cultural forces that were at

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Time Value of Money Calculations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Time Value of Money Calculations - assignment ExampleCapital budgeting decisions are based on an evaluation of the cash flows expected from investing in a specific project (Emery et al 2007). Projects are evaluated using methods such as net chip in value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), payback menstruum (described as round-eyed payback) and usher outed payback period. These methods skunk assist management in deciding which project among a set of options yields the best return or whether a particular project should be undertaken.The NPV is the net balance of the initial investment after deducting future tense cash flows at present values. The implication of a negative NPV indicates the failure of the project to generate complete funds to pay up the initial investments as well as to facilitate some returns to shareholders. culture contained in the Appendix indicates that the project has a overconfident NPV of $16,692. This implies that the project would be beneficial to the organizationThe IRR is the discount rate that equates the present value of a projects cash flows with the cost of the project (Brigham and Ehrhardt 2005). This occurs when NPV is qualified to Zero (0). If used appropriately it is a valuable tool in the selection of projects (Hazen 2003). The IRR of the Server modify project is 10.13 per cent. This is 2.13 per cent above the organizations cost of capital and therefore bump offers a positive return to shareholders. See Appendix 1 for the solution.According to Brigham and Ehrhardt (2005) the simple payback period indicates the time period over which the project recovers the initial investment. In performing the calculations the annual cash flows are set off against the initial outflow until there is a positive balance. Investments with long payback periods are considered to be groundless compared to those with relatively short payback periods and so this method has a bias for short term projects. Additionally, the simple payba ck method does not take into account the time value of money since it

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Distributor retailer integrated inventory model (in supply chain) Essay - 1

Distributor retailer integrated inventory model (in supply chain) - Essay causaBusiness has become very competitive in the present universe of discourse. Customers are now exposed to more information regarding the harvest and this allows them to select the best product in the market. Globalization has made business to be competitive outside the region of operation. It is very important that every organization views suitable method to guard the product and service to the people at lowest price. Company will be able to go out products under reduced cost only if the operating cost of the organization is reduced. In the business world every amount that is spent on the product is countable, by reducing the cost of operation the tight will be able to reduce the price of the product and this will increase the competitive usefulness of the organization.Supply chain instruction is now being identified as an important factor for the impressive functioning of an organization. Supply chain management provides large opportunity for reducing the cost of operation and to date that the firm functions effectively. Supply chain management covers all the process in the production of a product or service starting from the collection of raw materials to the delivery of the product.Effective supply chain management depends on several factors. With the increase in sequences and participants in the supply chain the complexity of the chain increases. caudex management is an important aspect of the supply chain management. The main focus of inventory management is to determine the activities of inventory like determining the amount of inventory that a company would require to meet the contract of the customer. Proper inventory control enhances the firm to have the optimum amount of inventory to meet the demands of the customer. base inventories may result in the organization having deficient inventories and will have to face a deficit of inventories.Most of the companies in the past used the

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The influence of risk attraction and risk aversion in the adoption and Thesis

The influence of assay attraction and risk aversion in the adoption and diffusion of the extreme sports - Thesis ExampleAs contemporary society has become absent with safety and certainty, risk has steadily become a sinister phenomenon. Society has become quite obsess with reducing risk and dubiousness that activities not directly approved by the mainstream society are instantly considered disagreeable. This essay discusses the influence of risk attraction and risk aversion in the adoption and diffusion in extreme sports. In sport, risk refers to the likelihood of actual, physical danger. In extreme sports like big cast surfing, snowboarding, and base jumping this has been assumed to indicate extremely high levels of risk, an extremely high possibility that something bountiful will happen, and a significant possibility of death (Kerr, 2005). Hence involvement in extreme sports has been deemed unsuitable and deviant. Reasons for engagement in extreme sports are most frequently associated with the idea of adrenaline rush or a craving to take socially undesirable and pathological risks (Cecile & Laurendeau, 2010). The hypothesis is that risk functions as a driving force for partakers with little talent but a frantic desire to hook up with the image of prestige related to extreme sports. In a culture where in taking uncalled-for risks is generally viewed as wild, irresponsible, ridiculous, and irrational, there appears to be something of a pattern toward the growing recognition of risk and uncertainty in leisure activities. In sport, there is substantial proof that risk taking is integral to legion(predicate) sporting activities. The concept of edgework by Lyng (1990) views intentional risk taking as testing the limitations of ones capacity while sustaining sufficient control to effectively balance the limit between uncertainty and certainty. In the literature on the reason for this edgework tendency, the sensation- attempting attribute, described as the seek of varied, novel, complex, and intense experiences (Cecile & Laurendeau, 2010, p. 129), has been extensively studied. Many alfresco activities have been reported to draw people who have high levels of sensation seeking attributes. The tendency to seek excitement, adventure, and arousal may accurately shed light on why individuals with high levels of sensation seeking attributes take part in extreme sports. Risk Attraction and Risk Aversion in thorough Sports Several theorists argue that risky activities provide an escape from a society that is ever more compress by comfort and risk-averse (Moran, 2004, p. 60). This assumption states that some individuals feel also much pampered by the materialistic amenities of modern society and thus look for exciting, risky activities in an attempt to break out of too much comfort. As contemporary life is now tame and increasingly controlled (Moran, 2004, p. 60), some individuals seek risk in outdoor activities. Hence, the need to take ri sks may signify an intentional reaction against the ordinary and risk-averse daily living. Even though this theory is exploratory, it appears likely that estranged individuals may experience a stronger sense of cognisance when they are in the verge of death or serious injury (Pain & Pain, 2005). In fact, Schrader and Wann (1999 as cited in Moran, 2004, p. 62) claimed that one way of attaining a semblance of power over ones life is by facing death through participation in risky activities. Another

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National Healthcare Insurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

National health care Insurance - Essay ExampleJohn Stuart Mill conception of liberty correlates liberty of discussion and thought, personal identity as an element of well-being, and limits to societal authority over individualists. Mill develops harm theory by establishing a principle, which isolates an area within which individuals are justify from interference in developing their individuality through experiments and free choices in their livelihoods. Mill emphasis the point that individual liberty is by right absolute with furbish up on matters regarded as harmless to other people and that individual enjoys absolute liberty of choice among purely self-regarding acts. Mills concept of liberty revolves around the idea that liberty is essential in ensuring incidental progress of the society and the individual, especially in the case where the society is more important than the state. This scenario is only affirmable in circumstances where the rulers only represent the interest s of the ruled, or a perfect representative democracy without some(prenominal) opposition between the ruler and the ruled (McKenna and Feingold 61). In such a surrounding, the liberty of an individual is attainable, just not guaranteed. Mills concept of liberty digs into moral theories, highlighting the happiness of the individual as the only important thing. Such happiness is only achievable in a civilized society where people freely engage in their have got interests, with their skills and capabilities developed through a well education system. In this regard therefore, Mill advocates for the fundamental importance of individuality and personal phylogenesis, both for the development of the society and the individual for progress in the future. Michael Walzers theory of divided justice presents a pluralistic and particularistic approach to equality. He argues that the principles of a society should follow the historical and cultural setting of that society, that is, world(a ) principles of justice does not exist, that distribution of contrasting complaisant goods should follow different principles, and that these different principles display different meanings of tender goods that are products of cultural and historical particularistic approach. Walzer further argues that each social good constitutes its own distributive sphere, with every sphere being autonomous. This is to say that social goods from angiotensin converting enzyme sphere should not flare up another sphere. Walzers major concern on progression to complex equality emphasizes on laterality in a particular sphere of justice and not (principally) on the basis of the monopoly in that given up sphere. Walzers arrangement of human affairs in establishing equality imposes the condition that the distribution of a social good in one sphere must not lead to transition of that particular social good into another sphere. An example is the possession of power in the political sphere, which for the purpose of equality, should not modify the politician to convert the power to wealth, which is in a different sphere. As long as the conversion is impossible, equality is achievable despite the distribution of a social good in any one sphere (McKenna and Feingold 132). Walzer views the human society as a distributive community where the multiplicity of goods meets the multiplicity of distributive processes and procedures. Therefore, to create a just distributive procedure or principle requires complex equality instead than simple equality. This forms what he calls a complex egalitarian society. The reduction of dominance has preference over the partition of monopoly in his concept. His critique on

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Neighbourhood Management & Renewal (Housing Studies) Essay

Neighbourhood Management & Renewal (Housing Studies) - Essay ExampleThis is not merely about deprivation or the worrying proliferation of slums that need to be taken care of by the government, but this is about solving the causes of urban tangling that affect not just the ordinary citizens but exclusively aspects of Liverpool and Manchester in general. The social reforms that took place in Britain will be discussed in depth, especially the extensive, lengthy discussions on deprivation, the chief role of the local governments of Liverpool and Manchester and the housing authorities and organizations in altering and improving the living conditions in the ground. Further more than, this story addresses environmental concerns and social conflicts within neighbourhoods as a way to include a more thorough understanding of social marginalization, sustainable development, and the importance of care of urban locations. While analyses and discussions on this paper are focused on Liverpool and Manchester, or the UK in general, a considerable number of issues are important to other countries.Liverpool and Manchester are situated in the North-western part of England. They are about 35 miles away from apiece other. These cities are particularly important for UK in that these are founding and ground-breaking cities, exemplifying the advent of the industrial era. During the betimes 1900s, particularly in the 1930s, the sum of the population of both cities only accounted to below 900,000 people, and population for each city has significantly reduced by fifty per cent caused by deindustrialization that led to a cascade of invariable decline. Liverpool and Manchester had to fight and, to a degree, triumphed in getting rid of the image of decline and deterioration. Following an era of urban renewal in the 1990s, Liverpool and Manchester both relish a new perception of confidence and optimism.Notwithstanding these resemblances and comparison, the participation between the

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Ebay and Market Entry Challenges Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ebay and Market incoming Challenges - Essay ExampleeBay maintains the seller platform much like the United States that is set on obstinate auction philosophy, which limits real-time discussion with sellers. GMarket is also more innovative in setting up inspiration with buyers and sellers, acting as a middleman for various lottery schemes that provide more incentives (Ihlwan, 2006). eBay attempted to obviously export in its food market entry strategy, using the same business model that had found triumph in the United States. In a market where GMarket was an innovator creating incentives-based packages, eBay was having a tough time being the dominant auction and selling site of choice. eBays fixed price selling concept was considered invidious by Chinese customers routined to more direct gross revenue tactics between buyer and seller. The use of peregrine technology in China is also limited based on distribution of cellular technology and cultural adoption of this modernized selling format. Therefore, the ability to gain more market serving through lively technology gross sales was limited or eBay (Chan, 2007). Lack of ability to use mobile sales and marketing in this region limited the brand visibility of eBay with potential target markets and and so made it difficult to establish brand loyalty for eBay. The inability to use technology to improve the agonistical position of eBay posed significant expansion problems. Pricing was another reason why eBay found impediment in Asia, where the fixed price auction format made it appear to buyers and sellers that product listing cost were much higher than competition. The ability of sellers to contact customers and the flexibility of GMarket gives the buyer the ability to instantly reduce prices or add certain incentives, which makes eBay look rigid in pricing structures that is a turnoff to the price-sensitive Chinese buyers. Thus, it should be said that place, product, price and promotion were all nega tively impacted by competition and the current sales platform being used by eBay. Simply exporting American talent and technology to this market was a poor market entry strategy since the Chinese online sales environment differed culturally than in the United States. It was a mistake to think that Chinese buyers would maintain the same market characteristics and therefore eBay entered this market without adaptable tools to better fit market conditions and buyer/seller attitudes and brand familiarity with other auction and sales competition. eBay simply did not have any quality tools to differentiate the business from competition other than mobile marketing which is not a common sales practice in the Asian markets. References Chan, Isabelle (2007) EBay Has Its Eye on Southeast Asia , 29 Oct 2007, Business Week. Retrieved exalted 27, 2012 from http//www.businessweek.com/globalbiz/content/oct2007/gb20071029_295570.htm Ihlwan, Moon (2006) Gmarket eclipses eBay in Asia, 28 June 2006, Bu siness Week. Retrieved August 27, 2012 from http//www.businessweek.com/globalbiz/content/jun2006 /gb20060628_910393.htm?chan=search RUNNING HEADER Google and Asian Online Censorship Google and Asian Online Censorship BY YOU YOUR direct INFO HERE DATE HERE Google and Asian Online Censorship In Asia, Google faced many problems with establishing a market presence and gaining consumer revenues associated with its search engine business. In China, the government censors much of

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WC Mod 7 WA Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

WC Mod 7 WA - query Paper ExampleAlthough most crimes atomic number 18 linked to manlike counterparts than female this has been attributed mostly to the fact that workforce are typically more aggressive than their female counterparts. The impact of these challenges hinders efficient and effective administration of justice. In addition it is a basis of stereotypes that causes a lot of psychological harm not only to the touch on individual but the general population that views it self as minority.The complex relationship between criminology and sex is attributed to the fact that relatively little attention has been dedicated to women in the justice system because of their small dowry in the system. This explanation fall short in a number of ways, first is that while women are underrepresented as victims, workers and offender, the number of women falling into criminal activity is still rising. Secondly practices that negatively affect the men have an effect on women as well for instance women are the ones who bear the responsibility of child-care when the male counterpart is imprisoned.Additionally while the criminal system is all male based gender is relevant when talking about male involvement in the system as well as female. It is moreover worth noticing that significant developments have been witnessed and currently discussing gender and crime is definitely an easy task straight off as compared to how it was thirty years back. Criminology is a wide concept that requires a holistic approach and to anchor the link of gender and crime and the overall effect it has on criminology and justice system. Gender plays a particular role in understanding and resolving issues of related to crime. Criminology takes into consideration the theories of Marxism, feminist and critical theory as crimes originate from inequalities.In the 19th century Italian criminologist known as Cesare Lombroso developed the theory of

Essay on All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

On All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy - Essay ExampleThe grandfather embodies the undisturbed life, and after his death kail begins to think by himself. He leaves a world that he thought he knew for unmatchable in which none of the past rules were available. At the beginning he doesnt know that he departs to find the truth just about life and about himself. Besides the differences between him and others he must go exploring the world, because when everything collapsed, when his world ruined, he started to hear that the world might mean something else. His awakening is very much alike with what Plato said in the parable of the cave. Cole is one of the philosopher-prisoners who sees the sun , the symbol of knowledge, and goes to find it. On his way he is surrounded by all kinds of people who try to withhold him. Finding the truth is not such a plain mission , it involves some obstacles and reaching it requires the passing of certain stages, from innocence to experience. The se changes atomic number 18 revealed in the book with the att reverse of symbols. In the beginning of the apologue Grady is seen as a child who wants to conquer the world, provided at the end he is presented with scars on his face and chest. His lack of experience from the beginning makes him to mistake, and the scars are the symbols of rough time that harden him and made him an experienced man.In the beginning Cole arrives to a ranch named La hacienda de nuestra Senora de la Purisima idea. This Mexi pot ranch is very much related to the state of the characters when they reach there. The name in face means Virgin Mary and implies that Grady arrives there with the hope that he will regain the moral set lost in his world. But Mexico is very similar to Texas. The owner of the ranch wants to combine two breeds of horses, so he wants to merge two styles of living, but he is very much against the union of his daughter with an American. This is the puzzle of this world, and the c enter must to be seen in the symbol of horse. John Grady amazes everyone with his ability to break the wild horses, but this comes from the fact, that he himself is a wild horse, riding for a new truth. At certain moments in the novel characters are very much alike horses. The horse is the symbol of mavinship and freedom Cole goes with his friend to Mexico, and they get friends with a third Jimmy Blevins who had stolen a horse. Their friendship and the stealing of this horse are the one that gets Cole near death. The owner of the Mexican ranch doesnt want to breed wild mountains horses with its stock he wants to subjugate the most powerful breed to make a stronger one. At a negative meaning the horse represents the stamina, and also the love and the death. Extending at the level of characters the owner of the Mexican ranch wants the befriend of Grady, he praises his ability, but he doesnt want the unification of the two worlds, symbolized by the marriage, and in this way he reject s Grady. They are two different cultures and civilizations and Grady is not welcomed in any side. From the moment they arrived at the ranch they were seen as employees and their help was except temporarily. Even Alejandras aunt was against the young lovers affair denouncing the cultural differences between them. In this respect, John and Alejandra can be visualized like two wild horses that experience the taste of freedom and love, but only one is ready to face them. Alejandra will drop out her dream, being influenced by her

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Multicultural topic questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Multicultural issuance questions - Essay ExampleThis would shatter the counselees confidence in the counselor and render the hash out ineffective. Also, such(prenominal) factors as linguistic barriers may hinder the counseling process. 2. What are the indigenous alternatives to counseling in a non-Western culture? There are several methods that are commonly employed in place of counseling in many non-Western cultures that are directed to achieve the effect of counseling. Many of such alternatives to counseling pull in spectral significance. For examples, Hindus associate the river of Ganges with spirituality and believe that it has positive effect on one who takes lavatory in it. Prayer is considered as a means to contact God. Therefore, heap from different religions openly deal their problems with God and seek help in prayer. After praying, they feel relieved and counseled. In many eastern countries, there is very little trend of attending formal counseling sessions. Instea d, people restrain themselves to religious teachings, lectures and parental guide to achieve the effect of counseling. 3. How do psychological problems vary with culture of clients? Clients may be equipped with various psychological problems that differ from client to client depending upon the cultures they belong to. Human psychology is greatly shaped and influenced by the cultural trends and practices. Some cultures require their followers to be extrovert and yet there are other cultures, that encourage their followers to remain introvert in all aspects of life. The level to which an single(a) socializes and the people he/she socializes with is also determined to much an extent, by the culture he/she belongs to. Daily beds that people go through in their life are influenced by their culture, and the experiences impact their psychology. 4. Outline the essential issues obscure in counseling world-wide students? Many international students come to foreign countries with pre-forme d conceptions about the nature and emplacement of the indigenous people in general, which or may not be true. Students form their perceptions according to the experience of others that have been to foreign countries they intend to go to for studies. Those preformed conceptions are usually so ingrained in the minds of the international students that it becomes very difficult for a counselor to change their false perceptions. In addition to that, cultural issues as discussed before may also hinder the counseling of international students. 5. Describe value orientation conflicts. in the flesh(predicate) perceptions of an individual are defined by his/her value orientation. Value orientation tells what an individual deems right and what to him/her is wrong. mint vary in their opinions, beliefs and views. There are a lot of principles that were considered wrong by people from aged generations and yet today, they are considered as right. The conflict of rationality of principles gives rise to the value orientation conflicts. In revision to make the counseling effective, it is imperative that the counselor understands or studies the value orientation of the counselee. 6. Describe stages of black racial identity development. The four stages of the black racial identity development model proposed by Cross (1971, 1978 cited in Alston, Bell, and Price, 1996) were pre-encounter stage, encounter stage, immersion/emersion stage and internalization stage.

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Administrator and Teacher Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Administrator and Teacher Interview - Essay modelAfter enrolling at Hardin-Simmons University, I realized what my c all in alling was. A professor noticed that I had m whatever another(prenominal) hours in Spanish and asked me if I had ever considered teaching Spanish or bilingual education. I had constantly loved working with children, as I had worked with children in my high school years, helping them to read and practice math. And so, my c beer in education began. After some(a) time in school, I began to realize all the wins of being an educator summers and holidays off, time with my family, working with children, and a love for a life story unlike any other. (2) Would you root on the education profession to others? Why or why not? I would only recommend the education profession to others that truly want to teach. The rewards from the students successes are wonderful. Most parents are kind and helpful. There are many more positive aspects to teaching, but there are also n egative aspects to teaching. For example, teachers are some of the lowest paid professionals in the country. Teachers must continue to educate themselves to stay current in educational trends, often at their own expense. There is immense pressure to make students perform on give tongue to accountability tests because student scores are tied to state funds for the schools. (3) Are there any other teachers in your family? If so, who? I have two cousins who are educators in Texas. (4) What is your highest level of education? (Masters) leading of Learning, M.Ed. (5) How long have you been an educator? I have been an educator for thirteen years. (6) What is your great challenge as an educator? My greatest challenge is getting parents involved in their childrens education. (7) How do you balance the demands of your profession with the political realities of the education system? It is difficult. I often take the political realities personally. I try to do my job and leave the other stu ff at school. Sometimes I vent to those I trust, and sometimes administrators hear my voice if I feel passionately enough about the topic. I try not to rock the boat too often because I feel like everyone is constantly critiquing my actions and me. (8) Do you go in the companionship that you work in? If yes, do you believe that it is important for educators to live in the companionship in which they work? Why or why not? I live in a nearby town. I believe that it is important for the educator to be involved in the partnership. An educator does not have to live in the community to be involved. I loved living in the community where I taught because the students could come over at any time. On the other hand, living outside the community offers more privacy. (9) Who was your greatest educational influence? My high school science teacher helped me love learning. He taught me to become a life-long learner. Later, he hired me in my first teaching position. During my time working with him, Mr. portly taught me what a true leader is one who serves others. (10) What is the greatest benefit of being an educator? The greatest benefit is watching young people learn and love learning. When a child realizes that he/she can do anything with effort, it is amazing to watch them try new things and succeed. It is more amazing to watch them fail and try once again in a different way. That shows that they are growing as students. When they accomplish what they thought was impossible, their smiles and hugs are the greatest pay. b) Administrator and Teacher Interview i) Make arrangements to interview both an administrator and a teacher. Utilize the questions on a lower floor in the interview and record their responses (1) Why did you choose to go into education as a career? I chose to go into edu

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Frankenstein Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Frankenstein - Essay ExampleIn their writings, they use various images of the monster depending on the metre they write the stories.The romantic period was basically characterized by a departure from the techniques and ideas of the preceding literary period. The literary period was more rational and scientific in nature. By contrast, romantic prose and poetry was used for expressing a new and visionary relationship to the imagination (Hobbler 14). The romantic poems always sought a way to fetch and represent the experience and sublime min. Therefore, the more personal the moment was, the better it was (Shelley 21). Many speakers in the romantic poems, for example, can not be virtually distinguished from the authors themselves.In her story about the Frankenstein the monster, Mary Shelley uses the said(prenominal) style to embrace and simultaneously contest this romantic idea. The moment in which she describes the Frankenstein is not a moment recalled from her personal experience. This moment is not a contemplative type of moment in nature (Fite 17). In addition, the moment she uses is not her own narrative voice but she still portrays a particular pursuance to achieve the sublime. Off course, that quest is the effort made by Victor Frankenstein to creature a support creature from laboratory raw materials. The quest creates some curiosity since it occurs with the confines of Victor Frankensteins cloistered laboratory, unlike other natural environments of most romantic texts (Shelley 28).Victor Frankenstein believed that the creature would have been a grace to him as its creator. He is a romantic character to an extent that he reflected the emphasis of romantic writers on a new way of seeing. Romantics believed that it took individual and collective imagination to create a new reason of the world as well as leading to a perfect version of human beings and societies they lived in

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Organizational Theory Design and Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 6

organisational Theory Design and Change - Essay ExampleThis will improve the quality of the end make as the interests of all stakeholders are considered and hence all aspects of business have been taken into account during decision making. But if there is power imbalance among the stakeholders then the decision making may be influenced by stakeholders with greater power and the interests of the other stakeholders will be jeopardized. The quality of the decision making and in frolic the overall interest of the organization is compromised when there is an imbalance of power among the various groups of organizational stakeholders. Organizational political science can have positive as well as negative impact on an organization. therefrom to manage and gain benefits from organizational politics, it is essential to ensure that there is balance of power among the various stakeholder groups in an organization. Balance of power will lead to alternate views and solutions to various organi zational problems form various lodge of the organization. Therefore balance of power among various organizational stakeholder groups is vital for the overall success of the organization (Jones, 2009). plant Cited Jones, G. (2009). Organizational Theory Design and Change. NJ Prentice Hall. Print

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Autism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Autism - Research Paper ExampleAutism is non one specific condition, merely refers to a group of disorders with disparate underlying etiologies (Corbier, 2005). Hence, treatment for autism is multidimensional, including behavioral management, tell apart fosterage plan, medical treatment, psychoanalytic therapy, and rehabilitative therapeutic strategies, together with patience, faith and belief. Integrated treatment plans focus on on preparing people with autism to live in their home fraternity in the least restrictive purlieu (Hardman et al, 2007). Thesis Statement The purpose of this paper is to investigate the current treatments for children with autism, and determine their effectiveness. Behavioral Management as a Treatment Intervention in Autism Behavioral interventions aim to improve specific appropriate behaviors, or to lessen inappropriate behavior (Hardman et al, 2007). This approach is commonly considered to be the most effective in treating autism in children. A rese arch study was conducted by S all in allows and Graupner (2005) on twenty-four children with autism, aged between 24 to 42 months at the beginning of the study. They were randomly assigned to early intensive behavioral treatment, and to treatment involving intensive hours but less supervision by equally qualified supervisors. The results were similar for both groups, after four historic period of multidimensional treatment including cognitive, terminology, adaptive, social and academic measures. This indicates that supervision by trained staff is not an all important(p) criterion for improved behavioral outcomes, when the same intensive treatment is given to both the study sampling and the manipulate group. By combining the two groups, it was found that the results were optimized, and by age seven the children could adapt themselves to mainstream classrooms. However, pretreatment skills contend a significant part in determining the success of the interventions, particularly ver bal imitation ability, language and social responsiveness. Lovaas (1993) discovered that early identification of the environmental variables that controlled the extent of treatment gains, was essential. Effective treatment for surd behavioral disorders requires early intervention which is conducted throughout the childs waking hours, while taking all significant behaviors in all the childs environments into consideration, by all significant persons caring for the child, and for numerous years. Research on early intensive behavioral treatment for children with autism was conducted by Cohen et al (2006) in the community setting, to replicate earlier studies which had shown favorable results. The three-year prospective outcome study using a quasi-experimental design consisted of the strain group of 21 children which received early intensive behavioral therapy (EIBT) from a community agency, and the other control group of 21 children who of equal age and IQ as comp ared to the first group, and belonging to special education classes at local public schools. The results showed marked improvement in language, nonverbal skill, and adaptive behavior thusly early intensive behavioral therapy can be successfully undertaken in the community setting. Individualized teaching method Plan and Educational Interventions Early intervention and a highly structured education program are currently regarded as the best treatment for chi

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Market Entry Strategy for SMEs Essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Market Entry Strategy for SMEs - Essay ExampleThe risks associated with entranceway into a new and unfamiliar securities industry can be reduced by applying pertinent market accounting entry strategies. Under this strategy, exporting can be divided into two parts such as mediate exporting as well up as direct exporting. Indirect exporting is referred as decreasing the manufacturers risk by selling the manufacturers product in the foreign market with the help of others. On the other hand, direct exporting signifies that a company controls the export activities as well as sells the manufactured products directly to the foreign market. Therefore, in the direct exporting strategy producers have to a greater extent control on the activities of a foreign market (Tielmann, 2010). In this paper, the benefits and the disadvantages of a foreign market entry approach about exporting of small and medium endeavors (SMEs) as well as multinational enterprise (MNEs) are discussed. Evaluating the advantages as well as the disadvantages of market entry strategy is most important in regularise to develop SMEs exporting. Entry strategy of exporting for SMEs can be delineate as sale of goods produced by the SMEs in the foreign market with the help of agents and distributors (Bendt & Skropska, 2011). The selection of optimum entry mode strategy is imperative for SMEs in the international marketing context in order to make their presence felt in the competitive foreign markets where there are a deed of existing competitors present. SMEs have been observed to possess quite simple objectives as well as organisational structures. SMEs recognise aim is to make growth as well as development, which can be ensured by maximizing the anticipated profit level. However, SMEs face resource and information constraints (Decker & Zhao, 2004).

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Microsoft PowerPoint Essay Example for Free

Microsoft PowerPoint EssayThe place under describes the hardwargon and software that I will use to have my project done 1. A varan is an important output hardware, a monitor screen consists of very tiny dots called pixels, these pixels are divided into leash colours (Red, Green, and Blue). When a specific amount of electricity goes through these pixels, they change colours these colours are shown on screen as images, composes, programs, windows, etc. 2. I will use a s hoboner to direct real images into the computer. A scanner works when rays of light are reflected from the paper to a small tv camera that is sensitive to colours, and transmits all the colours in a data format to the computer. 3. A keyboard is the second nearly useful item, when you press a key the keyboard gives a coded number (such as o11ooo11). The CPU receives that number and changes it into a letter (01100011=a), and I will use it to include writings into my database assignment. 4. The or so useful har dware I will use is the mouse, it is very useful and simple to use.A mouse cursor moves when you move a mouse, the ball in the mouse moves which controls a laser beam that flashes into a device similar to an LDR (Light conditional Resistor) to give orders of moving the mouse, and it will be utilize to control my cursor and build up my database. 5. A stark disk stores information when data are travelled through cables in the CPU. A Hard Disk consists of several surfaces, which are divided into tracks magnetically sensitive. The empathize/ write head writes on these tracks magnetically. So, you can obtain data from Disk whenever you want.6. A floppy disk is a good way of back-upping my files in case of loss or damage. It works in a way similar to the Hard Disk, the read/ write head writes and reads to/from a floppy disks tracks. 7. I will use Microsoft Word for accomplishing my work and schoolbook writings will be mixed with images, and Microsoft PowerPoint for the poster because it has a lot of good tools, such as drawing, background effects, etc. 8. I can use Microsoft Word for my poster but I favored Power Point because its a lot easier and more powerful. 9.I will use the command insert, picture, from file, to shift the Outlook logo to my project, as well as I utilise font surface 14 and 16,some are bold and normal with abit underlining. In conductition, I used the Times New Roman writing style because its very clear. 10. I used a laser jet printer because it prints out crack than any normal printer, but I was only able to print black and white. 11. I used the tabs to separate writings in a clear way, e. g. Leaflet. I pretend I will advancement my target/task if I simplified my work, for instance, if I want to create an easy and good poster, I will use Microsoft PowerPoint.A good way of b practiceden up my work is to add resiles. Borders whitethorn be added by clicking on format, then borders and shadings and then selecting your border. A good w ay of mixing schoolbookbook writings and images is to use Microsoft Word. You can mix include the image in the paragraph by right clicking on the image, select text wrapping and choose through. Ideas 1. gibe colours to the poster so most people will notice it. 2. You may add borders to the leaflet. 3. Images would be great if they are mixed with text writings in a good way.Headed letter should include the logo of the company and information to cope with them. Steps of Making Headed Letter Begin with a unsanded word document and name it (e. g. Letter). tot up the logo of the company by copying the image and library paste it on your document, upper right-hand gradient is always the best. It is always good to type information about the company and how to contact them under the logo. directly write your letter and begin with Dear Sir/Madam. In the end of your letter you may want add the word Yours Sincerely or Your Faithful, and put your signature under your name.Leaflet Begin with a new word document and name it (e. g. leaflet). Add a border to your leaflet by clicking on format, borders and shadings and selecting the border you want. Begin with the name of company you may add the logo of your company above or under the name. If your doing a leaflet about a restaurant menu, you may add the name of item (e. g. French Fries) and type the price next to it (e. g. $12), or to make it even better it is preferable to add the size (e. g. S $3, M$7, L$12).Begin by launching Microsoft PowerPoint, and opening a new presentation. take up the text layout title slide. Type the name of company or the offer in the title bar. Add information under the title. You may want to include Telephone number and address of company. Copy and paste images to your poster to brighten your work. Design PC Design note Headed Letter Leaflet Flow Charts Poster Headed letter Leaflet Implement Finally I finished my poster, headed letter and the leaflet, and then printed them out. I think my work will be used mainly in restaurants.My poster can be used to advertise special offers, my leaflet to view restaurant menu, and headed letter to be used in the restaurants office. I produced my work and took it to gather some information from some friends, Riasat Afzal said that my work could be better if I printed it in colours and made the poster a little bigger. Tanveer said that my leaflets currency should be in pounds (or euros these days), in addition to that, your headed letter should be formal and it will be better if it contained more than 50 words.

Expenses of an Adventure Recreational Activity Essay Example for Free

Expenses of an Adventure Recreational Activity EssayAbstractEstimates of diversion visitor expense extend inputs to economical analyses and help to identify the economic linkages between the volunteer(a) single-valued function of woodwind instrument and its ingestionrs. Using data collected with survey, this paper determines the guinea pig of expense of mint bikers in Putrajaya Challenge Park (phencyclidine hydrochloride). PCP is a recreation ara that provides facilities for mishap amateur activities particularly mountain biking (MTB). Food, petrol, toll charges and equipment constitute the main expenses for MTB in PCP. The study provides useful information with regards to the characteristics of users, pattern of use and users expense. It supplies the policymakers with information on the usage pattern that may help in ontogenesis the management plan to maintain or improve the quality of facilities provided in PCP.Keywords adventurous recreation, mountain bike, re creational spendingIntroductionThe Malaysian government encourages blows and recreation through the prep arement of appropriate facilities and has launched many colligate events, including the adventure recreation. Ewert and Hollenhorst (1997) defined adventure recreation as recreational activities that contain structural components of real or perceived danger and usually involve a natural environment setting in which the consequent is uncertain but influenced by the participant. According to Arnold and Price (1993), adventure recreation activities are essentially non-utilitarian and provide intense, positive, intrinsically enjoyable experiences to participants. Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP) offers customized facilities for extreme recreation in Malaysia. It was developed by Putrajaya Holdings with the terms of RM38 million and is currently operated by Putrajaya Corporation in collaboration with the Extreme Sports Association Malaysia (ESAM).PCP is well-equipped with facilitie s for adventure recreational activities particularly riding horse Biking (MTB). It covers an area of about 30.33 hectares and is located in Precint 5, Putrajaya. It has a network of MTB trails that passes through an oil palm and rubber plantation, secondary forests as well as bushes and grassy areas on mountainous slopes. The establishment of PCP as an adventure recreation park has an impact on the economy. Estimates on the spending of forest recreation visitors provide the basis in estimating the contributions of forest recreation to local economy (Stynes and White, 2008). MTB contributes to economic growth through all the necessary expenditures to enjoy mountain biking. According to Chin Kriwoken (2003), the popularity of MTB has grown easily over the last 25 years and continues to grow.Berg, Braun Otgaar (2000) found that sports events have become an important bureau for the economic development of local community, region or country. The expenses of these visitors support l ocal businesses by bringing salary as well as creating professions for the region and the country (Stynes and White, 2008). Due to this advantage that comes along with MTB, it seems appropriate to develop an estimate of recreational spending by mountain bikers. The objective of this paper is to determine the type of expenditure incurred by the bikers of PCP for MTB act.The potentials and benefits of studying Mountain Biking in PCP as one of the recreational attraction in Malaysia are also discussed as well as suggestions for the government or forest recreation authority regarding MTB activity. Findings from this study are hoped to provide the government with the information of how much PCP has economically contributed to the state.Figure 1 Location of Putrajaya Challenge ParkSource Putrajaya Corporation (2010)MethodologyThe data for this investigate were obtained from a series of on-site surveys conducted in PCP. The surveys took place at the access point of the Bike and skate Co mplex in PCP from December 2010 to January 2011. The respondents were randomly selected among mountain bikers in PCP. Respondents were asked about their expenditures for MTB activity in PCP using a structured questionnaire. A total of 150 effective questionnaires were collected.Results and interventionFrequency of Mountain Bikers According to ResidenceAll respondents were asked to specify their residence. The result shows that bikers in PCP came from various locations. Majority of the bikers were from Selangor (98), Kuala Lumpur (20), Singapore (14), Putrajaya (12) while other bikers came from Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang (Table 1).Expenditure of Mountain BikersMTB expenditure consists of four categories the embody for food, petrol, toll charges and MTB equipment. MTB equipment includes of bicycle, helmet, biking gloves and shoes, knee pads and elbow pads. It was estimated that the mean expenditure of MTB on food, petrol, toll charges and equipment was RM10.60, RM15.6 0, RM4.20 and RM1, 862.50 respectively (Table 2). Zero value indicates that there is no expenditure on food. This is because mountain bikers need to consume tho a small amount of food which they brought from home for MTB activity. The highest expenditure (RM 1,862.50) was on equipment particularly the bicycle and its accessories. The apparently higher(prenominal) expenditure on MTB equipment compared to others expenses is due to the high initial cost required to involve in MTB activity. The lowest expenditure was on toll charges (RM4.20). It is because the majority of the mountain bikers came from Selangor and need not pay for toll charges.White and Stynes (2008) found that spending for any services and goods are mostly influenced by the type of recreational activity and the distance travelled. Other factors influencing the level of expenditure of mountain bikers include the size of the recreation group which means the number of persons in the group, the time pass at the recreatio n area, local prices and the opportunity to make expenditure on site. During the study, there was no reveal or food stall in PCP. Although the mountain bikers normally come in group, the expenditure on food and/or drinks are low because they usually go to other locations for refreshment after(prenominal) MTB.ConclusionFrom this study, food, petrol, toll charges and equipment constitute the main expenses of MTB in PCP. Apart from MTB equipment, other expenditure remains low. It is proposed to PCP management to allow and encourage the local community to sell food and/or drink in and around PCP area by providing spaces for food stalls and souvenir shop. By having this, not only will it increase mountain bikers spending but at the same time reelect economic return to the locals. Nevertheless, the study does not incorporate mountain bikers willingness to pay for additional recreational facilities in PCP.In estimating the expenditure for recreational activity and its local economic imp acts, there might be difference in value between local and foreign mountain biker. This is due to longer continuance of take a breather of foreigner compared to local mountain bikers since they have to travel further from home. Longer stay would increase the expenditure, for instance for extra cost for accommodation and meals. In addition, the majority of the foreign mountain biker in this study came from Singapore. Since higher currency exchange of Singaporean dollars, the foreign mountain bikers have higher spending compared to the local mountain bikers. Hence, it is suggested studies on recreational visitor spending is further investigated in the future.AcknowledgementsThe authors owe thanks to Muhammad Firdaus Faisal and Muhamad Redzuan Abd Rani for their efforts during the data collection. A special thank also goes to the Manager of PCP Bazly Mohamad Najib, source manager, Mohd Asim Md Ali and the staff of PCP for providing the information and data of Putrajaya Challenge Par k. This study was financed by a consort from Research University Grant Scheme (RUGS) Project Number 03-01-11 1158RU. All remaining errors and omissions in this paper are solely ours.ReferencesArnold, E., J. Price, L., L. (1993). River magic Extraordinary experience and the extended service encounter. Journal of Consumer Research, 20 (June), 24-45Berg, L. van den, Braun, E., Otgaar, A., H., J. (2000). Sports and metropolis marketing in European cities. Rotterdam Euricur.Brymer, G., E. (2006). Extreme dude A phenomenological perspective on the extreme sport experience. Unpublished Ph.D thesis. University of WollongongChiu L. Kriwoken L. (2003). Managing recreational mountain biking in Wellington Park, Tasmania, Australia. Annals of Leisure Research, 6(4) 339-361Ewert, A.W., Hollenhorst, S. (1997). Adventure recreation and its implications for wilderness. world-wide Journal of Wilderness, 3(2), 2126Stynes, D., J. White, E., M. (2008). National forest visitor spendingaverages and the influence of trip type and recreation activity. Journal of Forestry, pp. 17- 24

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Meaning of life - Soul Essay Example for Free

Meaning of animateness thought EssayPersonhood Chart This chart contains a grid for different philosophical anthropologies that answer the question of personhood. eat up the following chart in the context of defining what it means to be human according to Christianity, philistinism, and your experience Personal View. Refer to the assigned reading for explanation of characteristics listed on the left. Christianity Materialism Personal View relational God created human beings to live in community.When people lose that sense of love and belonging, they lose their meaning and purpose in feeling. God created family and the neighbor to be set aside the human with the relationship needed for fancy and healing. In pitch to carry out production and exchange, people have to enter into very certain(prenominal) social relations, most fundamentally production relations.Relationships with others should be based off of the materials in which they can provide you with the benefit a person the most. I consider everyone steps into our lives for one reason or another- both good or bad and we need to be the ones to differentiate between the two. Each relationship provides us with a sense of love and understanding on the purpose of our life.Multidimensional There is a spirited sense of the person in relationship to God and the world by means of the bodily senses and functions. The body, soul, mind, spirit and even out the various body parts argon expressions of the wholeness that is the human self. Humans be material objects. They are not extraneous things, or objects, or substances neither do they contain as parts immaterial selves or souls or entelechies. Their parts are material flesh and bones and blood, molecules, atoms, electrons. A human is more than than a corpse.We are multidimensional and each dimension is important in who we are and how we act in society. 2015. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Sexual Jesus showed us that we are sexua l beings. Sexuality encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Man and women are supposed to stay faithful to each other and not file adultery. It is believed to be a physical act between two individuals that creates energy and may result in the creation of a child through scientific means. Sexual behavior affects not only a persons physical health but also self- image, interpersonal relationships and relationship with God and others. chaste We should choose to act based on good thinking, Scripture and prayer, and the Holy Spirit helps us behold the right alternatives. God knows our intentions are to please him and desire the best moral outcomes for all. The brain and body are a dynamic system interacting with the environment. There is no non- physical entity which could take credit or rap for the outcome of our actions. We learn our morals through trial and error as well as through the relationships we have with others. If we surround ourselves with ethically individuals we too with be ethical. Mortal We are mortals, but God has devoted us eternal life in Jesus Christ.We die, and yet we live. Poor stewardship of the life God has effrontery us may well exacerbate the death and decay that surround us In order for human beings to survive and continue existence from generation to generation, it is necessary for them to produce and reproduce the material requirements of life Mortality is unavoidable yet difficult. Once someone dies their soul ordain either go to paradise or to Hell. Destined for Eternal Life Destined for eternal life Eternal life is the life one lives after death.By death the soul is separated from the body, but in the resurrection God will give incorruptible life to our body, transformed by reunion with our soul There is no such thing as eternal life. Life begins when the heart starts beating and ends with the heart stops beating. I believe that those who believe will live an eternal life and that those who do not will not. 2 References Plantinga, Alvin. (2010) Materialism and Christian Belief. Retrieved from http//www. andrewmbailey. com/ap/Materialism_Christian_Belief. pdf Shelly, J. , Miller, A. (2006). Called to care A Christian worldview for nursing (2nd ed. ). Downers Grove, Ill. IVP Academic/Intervarsity Press.

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Library System Essay Example for Free

Library System Essay2. When the computer introduced to the people before, few of them doubt the efficacy and some just ignored it. The computer is one of the products of the technology. Nowadays the technology has always new innovation to repugn up with the peoples everyday activities. Today we used the computer as part of our effortless activities to support our needs for the computation purposes, communications, recording transactions and other things that we leave need the computers help. Having this machine make our work in force(p)ly and effectively, this make our work faster and less time of doing manual(a) routines just to have an output for our work. Now, Information management is the ashess and techniques involved in effectively compiling and manipulating useful data. These is used for all the carcasss for providing an accuracy and recording data in order for easy reviewing and retrieval. In the matter of academe, The Library Information System is in need with these for them to have a reliable and accurate data. circuit board of Content understructure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Project consideration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Purpose and Description . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Objectives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Scope and Limitations .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-5 review of Related Literature/system . . . . . . . . . . . 6-8 Technical Background . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Notations . . . 9-12 Introduction Schools set the various pedagogical changes to achieve the menses level of education in our country. Because of the growing add up of computer users, this became an effective medium to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the students. From the traditional searching process for the books in the libraries, the interactive usage of computers can be now addressed as part of the library system.Project Context The syst em exit be more helpful the universitys library. This will be more efficient in doing the task in a specific time. The system will be used by the librarian for inventory, recording and other purposes for keeping the information in the library. For them to keep track of their records. The system will interact to the accounting system of the university, for payment purposes of the borrowed books that have a penalty for not chip ined in a given period. The users of this system will interact to this system by scanning the barcode of the books for inventory and borrowing.Encoding of the verbal description of the books for newly acquired books, and the cataloging of the books. 1 Purpose and Description UNC-LIS is the automation of all data and transactions within the library, it will handle all the informations and data in the library of the university. The UNL-LIS is an application that allows for the retrieval of metadata of books useable in a library data store. The user allows usin g barcode scanner for inventory the library assets and borrowing of books for easy retrieval of datas. A UNC-LIS for a university keeps track of all unreturned books and periodicals in the library and their check-out status.Checkout and return are automated through a bar code scanner (an external device). The library system also interfaces with an external relational database which stores information about the library users (students and stuff), including whether they have any library items examine out. . Library users can access the catalog and recall books and periodicals. As well as additional capabilities the system can easily generate reports such as listing of unreturned books, borrowed books, students that secured library card and listing of current books.

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British TV soap operas Essay Example for Free

British TV scoopful operas EssayHow would you account for the continuing fascination that British TV soap operas have for such a large and diverse listening? (30 mks) Soap opera is the close popular form of television schedule in the world, universe the most popular genre in Britain for 35 eld, since the real first episode of Coronation Street was screened in 1960. The phenomenon evolved from the wireless soap operas of the mid-thirties and 40s, emerging initially in the United States, and attracting a large following of predominantly female listeners. The tell apart soap opera is so called because of the soap commercials that accompanied the episodes originally on American commercial radio by companies such as Proctor and Gambol. Soap operas differ from other TV genres in that they confine on showing up to 5 episodes a week, in comparison to super soaps which come in series these include programmes such as Casualty, Londons burning and footballers wives. Coronation St reet was the first majorly popular soap opera in Britain. Tracking the get laids of the mint living on a street in primeval Manchester.Many more came over the years with the BBC trying to challenge ITVs dominating grip on the audience with attempts such as Compact (1962-65) and United set in a football team. Finally in 1975 Eastenders appeargond tracking the lives of wad living in a squargon in a fictitious suburban area of London called Walford. Eastenders challenged Coronation Street and the two have gone head to head over the years for the Crown of Top soap. In 1982 Channel 4 a new channel tried their moot at the soap game with Brookside, set in a housing estate in Liverpool with the only communal point being the post box.Brookside n perpetually challenged Coronation Street or Eastenders for the soap big top but got close, due to its radical and inventive story lines such as Lesbianism, murder and teenage medicate abuse, which none of the other soaps had dare tackled. Ma ny more came and fell probably the biggest known flop being Eldorado only lasting between 1992 and 93. More are bound to come and go, but why do TV companies strive so hard to have a percentage of the soap food market? Soap Operas are basically addictive, sight get a buzz out of them.The way they are written and filmed makes the viewer feel like they are part of the story, it is a type of outflow for many. Looking in on other peoples lives gives the viewer a sense of voyeuristic pleasure, some people build emotional links with the characters. E. g. the death of Jamie in Eastenders on Christmas day had some people in tears, the characters are made to be so that people can relate to them like they know them. In all truth every character in the soap probably has similar traits to various people known by the viewer.Such as Phil Mitchell in Eastenders everyone knows someone who is a bit of a make up slightly evil, regular if not on personal terms. The reason people like the characte rs are because of the know hate relationship the viewer builds up inside of them. Ian Beale again from Eastenders is a perfect example when things are not going his way you feel slightly sorry for him but when he is successful he rubs it in everyones nose and seems like an annoying character. Some people can capture to high an discernment of the characters and even confuse reality with the soap world.E. g. Release Deirdre from prison actually campaigned by the sun newspaper. in that location have been reports of people hitting soap actors for the dirty deeds their characters had done. The world created in the soaps is very opposite to the real world, I believe this adds to their popularity even more. There always seems to be constant bad feelings which ever story line the soap is following, be it adultery, paedophilia, death or even marriage, doom and gloom is neer far away.The fact that these events occur is not unrealistic as they happen every day to people all over the worl d, but it is the concentration of these bad feelings, in such a small area. The soaps always try and take on real life relevant social issues, and the audience feed take away of it. I believe that humans enjoy seeing others fail and how they cope with it. The main draw to these soaps I believe is the sense of community, over many years the feeling of community within the areas that people live has been lost with crime on the rise and more reason to stay in, with multi-channel TV.It is ironic then, that TV programmes that hold such a sense of community in their main conventions such as soaps, are the things that blank space people from their neighbours. People who watch soaps probably know more about who lives at number 5 on Coronation Street than who lives at number 5 on their road. The audience of soaps differs extremely even though the characters are nearly all working class, with some exceptions, the audience spreads across all classes, ages and sex.Although sometimes soaps are frowned upon as being a lesser genre, and low culture. Even though some whitethorn think soaps have no cultural relevance, they are still the most popular type of programming available, and probably the most culturally relevant in terms of the issues they tackle, they are also the flagship programmes for BBC and ITV at the very least. With 100s of channels and TV figures declining, soaps audiences continue to grow showing that soaps are around to stay. Theo Leeds.

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Job satisfaction Essay Example for Free

Job happiness EssayLearning as a way to improve happiness When a worker is quenched, whence happiness would be realized later on. As a worker is sufficient to get the conceit that his private roads atomic number 18 contributing to the growth of the company, he is able to feel the true sense of creation satisfied and happy with his job. His duties become his achievements and these achievements become the source of his inner happiness. Learning as a way to get on self-esteem When a person is knowledgeable of what he does, then he attains confidence that he could do well with the duties that are assigned to him. Hence, to no doubt, his excellent slaying on the matter follows as well. As for example, if an employer provides his employees of a way by which they are able to increase their capabilities as his employees, then they are boost more to perform well with the tasks that are assigned to them by the management. This identifies the role of learning as a way to motivat e employees. On the other hand, if an employee fills the provided knowledge or improvement programs provided by the employers, then they gain self-esteem and job satisfaction as well which in turn makes them fell happy close their job.As obviously seen, the chain of providing and receiving learning or education at certain point whole works within a motion of giving and taking and taking and giving, which in turn results to better terminus not only for the company but for the employee as an individual as well? The equity of performance and motivation To ensure that the employees are working their best, and that their needs are equ all toldy given compared to all the things that are required of them, the following elements of motivation should be considered 1. Dual FactorThe needs of people are subdivided into devil main categories. These categories include both the hygiene factor and the motivation factor. These two factors both include the approximately important needs of the company employees such as the wage and job satisfaction matters. Being able to provide these needs may mean that the company management needs to apply more effort in implementing policies to be able to meet the required satisfaction factors of the employees, however, the loyalty returns to the company would make the efforts all worth it. 2. EquityEquality among all employees basing on the performance that they apply for the companys urinate is indeed a way by which the management could embolden fine performance from the workers. Everything must be in uniform, especially when it comes to rewards and benefits that the employees receive from their company. Doing s may cause the management to create fine programs that could continue such demand from the workers, while it would also result to better realization of job satisfaction on the part of the employees. 3. Expectancy Everyone expects something from something.When an employee does a good job, it is normal that he expects appreci ation from the management. Hence, knowing what the employees expect and providing them could hike them to do better, however, it should be realized that too much application of this theory may result to the employees being too demanding from the company. As seen in the triplet elements, human motivation processes requires fine decision form the management. one time the process is determined, it is up to the management again, to take the risk of applying the process in actual motivating practice.Hence, from the depression towards the fifth theory that has been listed herein, it could be noticed that the main focus of the responsibility of encouraging the employees lies on the management. thusly as the results of the process progress, the employees are the ones who are expected to act bringing the end results back to the management. The brass instrument at some point has held the pay of the employees who have been flagged to be performing poorly during the past three months.The employees then who did not receive their salaries during the allotted payday have complained and said that the process that the management has opted to use to encourage them to work harder and perform better in their job is lame excuse on not having the cogency if paying their salaries. This rising problem has not been expected by the company administration when they have decided to engage in the said process of motivation. They thought that by holding the salary of the employees, they would be alter up and realize that they have to do better in their job to be able to receive their salaries on time.

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Importance of College Essay Example for Free

Importance of College try onWhen I think of my college search, I think of a lot of stress and a lot of time. It was a really stressful time in my life and put a lot of pressure on me to get into a good shoal. Education is the most(prenominal) important part of ones life. non everyone goes to college veracious after high school, and college is not intended for everyone. For example, some tribe decide to work right after high school rather than go straight into college. College is quite expensive, and some may nevertheless say it is hard. However, college is not a bad thing. It has m whatsoever good qualities. For instance, college is a time where students can jeopardize out and flirt new pack.I knew without a college degree I would probably be release nowhere in my life. So, I decided to go to college. There were many reasons backing my decision to go to college I wanted to make a improve life for myself. I waneted to find a business where I would not be living payc heck to paycheck, alike my parents amaze had to. I wanted to get together things that I never realized could even exist, and to take classes taught by passionate instructors. But most of all, I wanted to prove that I could be flourishing. I did not do the whole high school bewilder thing at all.During my four years in high school, I was antisocial, and spent most of my time at home. But now that I am in college, I can experience so many things that I skipped out in in high school. It was a huge intake of mine to take away friends, to be social, and to really be a teenager (or a young adult). I am hoping by being in college, I leave alone be able to experience that. be at such a young age, I literally hold my future in my stimulate two hands, precisely as my other peers do. What I decided to do now with my life is what entrust affect my future, my familys future, and the outcome of my life.Without a good head endure on life, I dont see any possible way for me to truly su cceed. This can be compared to how one would construct a building. If you build a foundation out of sand and sticks, and try to build a skyscraper, the entire structure will topple. But, if you start with a solid foundation, such as cement, you can build a mighty tower. In the resembling sense, should I make something of myself while I am young, I will be able to unceasingly flourish throughout my lifetime. If I am able to do that, then I will have succeeded in my own eyes. After high school, many people do not consider passing to college.But not way out to college was not an option for me. My parents never went to college, and watching them struggle to make ends meet was awful. I just knew that I did not want to be in their situation.. Therefore, I do not want to live my life, paycheck to paycheck, and worrying about whether or not I am sack to have enough bills to pay to keep a roof over my head. The reason for going to college is that I wanted to have a breach life. Not eve ryone can go to college to better themselves, hardly I am lucky, and truly blessed that I am getting a opportunity to better myself. In fact, college is extremely important to me.I am the first one in my ready family to go to college so it is a big deal to everyone that I not just go, still to also graduate. organism in college, and getting a degree in whatever my heart desires, will open up so many doors for me. It would help me get a conjecture that I not only like, but one that I look forward to going to everyday, and one that will make me feel like I am actually accomplishing something with my life. College is going to be a great thing for me, not just because it says Oh look at me, I went to college, but because I am doing something to make myself become a better person.My dream for my life in the next ten years is simple to be happy and successful. Im sure there are a lot of people who want to be successful in their life, but I dont collect to be making tons of money to b e happy. I want to be happy with my job/career, and be able to support my family and I. My family had a big part in my choice of going to this school in particular. I didnt have any ideas of what I wanted to do with my life or what kind of job I wanted. That was my study reason for coming to college to figure out my life for the future. I would want my peers and teacher to remember me how I am today.I like to believe I am a nice, outgoing, and very open person. somebody you could come to for help and be able to talk to, or soulfulness to make you laugh when you need a laugh. I was raised to treat everybody with respect and kindness, and I want to be remembered in that way. For people who have already finished high school, one of the choices they will have to make is whether to continue to higher(prenominal) education, which means going to college, or to start working and planning their life right away. Different people will have different choices of their own, but for me, I think there are a straddle of reasons why I should process college.I decided to go to college to get a bachelors degree in restaraunt management. A college degree will make me to a greater extent competitive in the job market, and give me a better opportunity to receive a higher paying job. In run to maintain and promote your position at a company, you must have the knowledge and experiences that come from attention college. A person with a bachelors degree will earn, on average, almost in two ways as much as workers with a high school diploma. People with a masters degree can earn up to $31,900 more per year than a high school graduate.And those who attend a two year college are able to earn up to $250,000 more than someone who does not. liberation to college not only helps me better my life, but it also gives me a wider range of job opportunites. In todays society, more and more jobs are requiring that you have more than just a high school education. Attending college will help me gain skills that I will use in the workplace. In the past, workers were required to do very simple tasks which didnt require complicated skills. but, as time passed, these kinds of simple tasks have been replaced by machines.Therefore, macro corporations and even smallcompanies want a person who is capable of completing somewhat more sophisticated jobs, the skills for which can be obtained from a college education. Also, taking college courses in English will help me improve my narration and writing skills, which are essential for any job. So, college is the best place to increase my knowledge and skills before I move on to the real world. College is important to me. I am the 1st one in my immediate family to go to college so its a big deal to everyone. So far, I love college, it has been a great thing for me, and I know in the end, it will really pay off, and turn me into someone that I want to be.

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Literary Devices Essay Example for Free

Literary Devices EssayWhile attending my course on contend and Literature, and listening to the conversation, I found myself struck by an intellectual research presented by different student. This student asked, When does conundrum become hypocrisy? Immediately later on contendfarefareds I wrote the response, A unattackable war is a war that teaches its mistakes without ane having to alive(p) with them. At first I didnt hunch forward if I had truly responded to the question. I analyzed both the question and response carefully through the literary devices and found myself satisfied with the responses standing. When analyzing the response I first had to return to the question. When does enigma become hypocrisy? Referring to this question I had to ask if my response held a paradox. A good war is a war that teaches its mistakes without ace having to live with them. Considering that a paradox is a statement that seems self-contradictory, and that a good war is the intro to the response, appriseed that a good war is a paradox. However, why is it that a good war is a paradox? War can best be defined as active hostility. Good can similarly be best defined as being well be developd. Considering these definitions and the response, a good war would for convinced(predicate) be a paradox because active hostility is contradictory to being well behaved. However, most would conquer that a good war was the responses paradox, and to assume otherwise would be insulting to some integritys intellect.So then one has to ask how it is so commonly understood that a good war is a paradox? To conclude this question, one must consider that most of everyone was raised with the developmental understanding of good and bad. Most of everyone alike would commonly comply that war is non good. So why do nation still go, and why do we not break from its mistakes without someone having to live with them? From statistics taken in the year two thousand fourteen, septenary pe rcent of Americas society is a warhorse, and in that year there were near three hundred eighteen million citizens. That means that over twenty two million American citizens are veterans of foreign war. So how is it that we can convince over seven percent of our citizens to go risk their livelihood? We determined that war is wrong so how do we convert the ideas of good and bad? To better answer that question, it is better to replace the employment of a soldier with a cayer. In order to pip someone who is not a painter become a painter, one would have to go through a seriesof tasks.First, cut off access to other mediums. Do not allow that person to work with anything other then painting. If they want to write a letter home, they paint it. If they want to create something three dimensional, they paint it. If they want to tell a story, they again, impart paint it. Now there is no difference between the painter with their paintbrush, and the go into with their rifle. Second, appl y influences to praise the ideals. The akin recruited painter now needs to be surrounded with people who share the same ideals. The painter cannot have the influences of sculptors, graphic designers, or any other ambassador of other art form. The painter needs the boilers suit support of peers with the subject matter. This again, is no different from the soldier and their peers. Third, discourage all other ideals. The facilitator, who is regulating the vicissitude between non-painters to painters, needs to openly degrade the ideals of all other art forms. The facilitator needs to chance upon sure that the recruits hear their passionate opinions about how other art forms are wrong. This will guide the recruits to excessively share the same ideals.This relationship resembles the relationship between Drill Instructors and their recruits. Fourthly, revival the title has a august history of renowned individuals. For a painter, there are many distinguished individuals that made a d ramatically difference within the realm of art. For some examples, there is Vincent Van Gough, Pablo Picasso, and Leonardo De Vinci. It is up to the facilitator to idolize these individuals in front of the forth-coming painters. This will crumple the recruited painters the expectations they need to become idolized into their new profession. This will also make the recruited painters strive to achieve the same honor. For the recruited soldier, they hear about the selfless actions of the Medal of Honor, Prisoners of War, and Purple Heart recipients. For them, they also strive to achieve that honor. Lastly, provide the graduate with a quote that brands them with honor. For instance, EARTH, Semper Fi, or Army of One. This will give the graduate something to display as pride and unite them forever with the other individuals who also have endured the same training.Now returning back to the question, when does a paradox become a hypocrisy, the response necessitate to be evaluated for the literary device of hypocrisy. Is a good war is a war that teaches its mistakes without one having to live with them, a response of hypocrisy. Through the development of good and bad, we have concluded that war iswrong. To suggest otherwise would send word a state of insanity. Insanity is a derangement of the mind or not conforming. Since we have conclude that the popular choice is to say that war is wrong suggests that people who desire to go to war, miss war, or idolize war are insane. So are they insane? If the response, war teaches its mistakes without one having to live with them is true, than yes. However, the statement is hypocrisy and hypocrisy is the pretense of having. So reverting back to the blueprint of transitioning from non-painter to painter, the recruit became a painter. Now what if, during the transition, the recruit neer got the opportunity to paint.The entire succession the recruit was disposed(p) black ink to practice the techniques of painting, but never r eceived oil or acrylic paints. The recruit sat through sessions where they viewed images of others painters and their colorful paintings, only to never receive color to paint with. After the transitions period, after the recruit was given the title of painter and hope to finally paint with color. However, the restriction continues and they again were never given oil or acrylic paints. They had practiced the trade for years without actual execution. The ending is apparent. They will forever long to paint. This is the situation with the soldier. The soldier practices with blank ammunition for years, views images of warfare, practices the techniques of warfare, and never gets to execute their practices in war. The outcome is apparent. They will forever long for warfare. So in regards to the response, from the soldiers perspective, they would disagree because war cannot teach its mistakes without one having to live with them.They themselves desire warfare. However, for sanities sake, t hey would suggest the response to be true in the company of other American citizens. This is the pretense of having and concludes the statement to be hypocrisy at least from the soldiers perspective. So does the statement apply to other citizens of America? Again, the response to the initial question suggests that war is wrong and a sane response is to agree with the statement. This implies that American citizens do not see the statement as hypocrisy. However, how much money is accumulated over the showing of one Hollywood movie about warfare? How much money and time is worn out(p) reading through the stories about warfare? How often do people find excitement when share-out a conversation with a veteran where they can ask face-to-face questions about their experiences? As undisturbed people who agree with the statement,American citizens curiously find something compelling about war.It is not my position to impeach the masses of being warmongers. However, to defend the integrity of my response, the response is hypocrisy. It cannot teach its mistakes if people live vicariously through the experiences of war. Without war that satisfaction is taken away and the entertainment lost, suggesting that the mistakes arent learned theyre idolized. To propose other wise is the pretense of having or also known as hypocrisy. So can war teach its mistakes? Can the statement ever become true? Lets again look at the question, when does paradox become hypocrisy? and compare it to the response, a good war is a war that teaches its mistakes without one having to live with them. In order to make the response true we would have to rephrase the question. This time we will ask, when does paradox become integrity? We have concluded that the response to the initial question is both a paradox and hypocrisy, but we have overlooked one literary device.Personification.Personification is the representation of an stimulus generalization in the form of a person. In the response we suggest ed that a good war is a paradox, and if war teaches its mistakes without one having to live with them is hypocrisy. However, the response also suggests that we have personified war. So in order to make the statement, a good war is a war that teaches its mistakes without one having to live with them true, we have to learn the personification and rephrase the response to a good person is a person that teaches their mistakes without one having to live with them. By removing the literary device of personification we have successful removed the other literary devices of paradox and hypocrisy, and gave the response integrity.If a good person were to teach others about their lifes mistakes, maybe others could learn from them. It is the gift from the veteran of foreign wars to express to others the mistakes of warfare. From that point forward, it is up to the recipient of the gift to learn from the veterans mistakes. War cannot teach its mistakes because war as a whole removes the personal grimace of warfare. It gives the individual a number instead of a valued story. However, the individuals personal story, the veteran, includes the frantic toll of warfare. From that personal story, the audience can now begin to understand the dysfunction of warfare and that personal story can be identified as the gift.

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Business Essay Example for Free

Business EssayA. 1. As I began my journey as a new business owner of a computer company I needed to define my companys goals, decide which direction I wanted to take the company to and create a mission statement that will outflank represent my company. Since the company was new I needed to take after after up with something catchy and promising that would invite potential nodes to find out more about the products we offer. Since thither were more participants in this game and from my professional experience I learned that staying on the same course and making advancements is more beneficial than trying to change directions e genuinely time. In this case I remained concentrate on the same two groups for the remaining 3 bikes. Instead of changing and adding more products ein truth quarters like most of the other participants I kept my two models (one for each group) and made necessary department of corrections and modifications based on the trade needs. I verified the requ irements of each group, the priorities and the price range each client is willing to pay. Since there are no specific techniques mathematical functiond in this part of the business synopsis I used my own judgment in making sure that I create the best product with the items that are most consequential to the potential client group.As stated above I initially created two products (one for each group) and after the first round they both passed 70% unless in the scientific group it was non chosen as one of the best. In the second round I was given an option of reviewing products of my competitors and the only difference was the big monitor and an upgraded keyboard. I added those options to my products and in the next round both products did in truth well. I had to make sure that in the nest round I take a shit up with the new upgrades and add them to my products to make sure that I keep up with the new technology. level after making the upgrades the prices did not change a str ia and the two groups still chose my product as one of their choices and my products were receiving 100% in both categories.Out of all the categories my market performance would produce heavy(p)r results if I was not afraid in estimating more clients and produce more computers in both categories. all quarter I ended up loosing clients and sales due to shortage in inventory. My market performance, trade effectiveness and human resource management remained slightly low make up though I was very close to my competitors. As far as my salary package I paid my employees the most but I only contributed 2% of their salary versus 5% that everyone else was contributing. I believe that salary is more important than the retirement contribution. I upgraded health benefits but kept the contribution the same.2.I would not change the targeted markets I have selected because my decision was a success. I wanted to make sure that my company will have equilibrise between high paying clients and no t as a great deal demand and those where the profits are not as high but the demand is much higher. My analogy was right on target because with the Mercedes I was making higher profit but the number of machines was not as high as the market for general domain where the profit was significantly lower. After being chosen by both markets as a preferred factory I had to make sure that I am keeping up with current technology and by adding extra features the price difference is not too high so that I would loose my lower profit clients. With that business idea I was fit to survive my aspiration and climb up to the top.3.When it comes to the sales locations I selected I believe that I have done complete research to make a good decision. Since I have chosen Mercedes for scientific computers and general public I wanted to make sure that I coer United States since Mercedes mainly operated in the US and their main headwaters are in Germany. Therefore I chose NY as one of the first offices along with France in Europe. My next choice was Tokyo since they have the most advanced technology and I can use that as my selling point to generate more business. My last choice was South America even though the expenses were not as high but it is less demanding since the poverty is significantly high. As expected, choosing my locations in this order was a success.4.Marketing research could definitely be improved since I was not as prosperous as I was hoping to be. Most of my business was coming from direct sales and not as much from other advertising. I did not want to invest large amounts of money on the usual magazines since the stipend was very high and I was concentrating on more common papers such as scientific discipline Magazines and business papers. Maybe I should have been more adventurous and invest in more popular magazines but I was afraid that I would suffer financially. Also I was not able to come up with a very catchy advertising line to attract potential clie nts and was scoring or so low on the advertising review.B.One of the most important decisions I made was to invest in foreign markets. Since Mercedes is from Germany and its factories are in the US I felt as investing in a European market would be a good idea simply because I come from Europe and I know that Mercedes is in demand as well as there are a sell of companies in need of a highly developed machine that can make their discoveries and creations a lot easier. I was a little hesitant about opening offices in Tokyo since their technology is very advanced and cost is very high. But because of that I decided to stand with competition flavour to face and use this to my advantage.By creating same quality machines for a little lesser cost I was able to survive and beat most of my competition. South America had smaller expenses but the demand was not very high directing the high number of less fortunate individuals. If investing in the outside(a) markets required large funds I would concentrate on the US market and possibly South America. Unless I discovered high turnaround and my enthronisation would not affect my companys future I would consider this option.Throughout my entire game I was very cautious and I was afraid of heavy investment simply because my funds were very limited and I did not want to jeopardize my company over greed and quick wealth. After reviewing my financial reports I was able to determine if additional investment is workable and how my this would effect the company overall. Heavy investment would depend on how the financial statements looked, careful review of the international markets and position of the company in the global market. If the company would not be as successful at the end of the 4th quarter as I wanted it to be I would most apt(predicate) find another route to expand my borders.

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Buying My First Car Essay Example for Free

Buying My First simple machine EssayA Bit of MemoirWe rounded the corner and there it was, the stout, perfect looking down(p) Jeep Cherokee that my dad and I had just driven and hour to look at. It looked like every some other wizard that I had seen in pictures, but there was the feeling that this one could possibly be mine. The week before, I had been furiously searching Craigslist and Jeep Forum classifieds looking for a Jeep, particularly a Cherokee with pitiful miles, little to no rust, and the right price, between the years 1997 and 1999. With the tight guidelines that I had for the machine, it made it hard to begin one. However, acquiring a Cherokee was only the first part I had many plans once I had one of my own, plans to lift it and put some big mud tires on it, along with some other landroer essentials. My friend had his lifted Cherokee for a few months, and I had wanted one just like it for kind of a while. After calling up multiple private sellers and used c ar dealerships, I had be one non far from me. A used car dealership had threeCherokees, all with pocket-sized miles, and relatively fair prices. My dad and I decided to go check them out, with the hopes of being able to chew up the salesman down a few hundred dollars. After driving a half hour or so, we arrive at the dealership, and there, parked in the expect three spots were the jeeps. We made our mien over and I was instantly checking them all out, making sure that I kept my cool. The salesman comes out, a big kat who looks like he could be on steroids, and he and my dad started talking. Instantly, like any used car salesman, he goes right into telling us about how awesome these Jeeps are, that theyre in perfect condition. We had contract down the three jeeps to one, and naturally we wanted to take it to a local mechanic. Most people would acquire no problem with this, but this guy did. After he refused to let us take it to our mechanic, we were glum off. In addition, h e had given us a price on the phone, and hence he told us a higher price when we were there talking face to face. At that point we were out of there. I was truly upset I had mgotten my hopes up that I would be driving one of those Jeeps home. My dad told me not to be upset, and that we would attend another one that same day. Still at the dealership, we were still sitting in our parked car both of us on our iPhones looking up classifieds near our area. I find one that looks good, and its only a ferry ride away.This one was from a private seller and she had just listed it up that morning, so my dad called her up immediately. We told her we could come to see it that day, and she agreed. We raced to catch the next ferry, which we hardly made. Driving off the ferry ramp, we headed to the address the lady gave us. We cease up in a pretty rough neighborhood, but we decided we came too far to turn around because of some Mexicans with baggy goldbrick down to their ankles and flat brim hats.We finally got there, and there it is, sitting on the side of the road outdoor(a) a small conventional house. The lady walked out her front door, and I was already looking under the jeep and checking it out. Everything is checking out, the miles were low, there were very little signs of rust, and I was getting excited. even uptually I was behind the drift and out for a test drive. The engine ran a little rough, but it was nothing I couldnt fix on my own. So my dad and I are sitting in the car on the other side of the block, and he asks me if I want it. I, of course, said yes, and we went back and worked a price out. Even though the lady only came down from her price a mere 50 dollars, we still ended up making the deal.Finally, my own car, and the exact one I wanted. I drove it all the way home with no plates, riding on the hopes that the police werent out that night. It was exciting to finally be driving the car that I would call mine. I was already imagining the I remember parking it on the ferry and looking at it from the upper deck of the parking garage. I got it home and everyone came out the front door of my house as I pulled down the driveway. It seemed as if my family was more excited about it then I was, which puzzled me. I felt proud of myself for finding the Jeep and being able to beat it home the exact same day. All the weeks of searching for a car had amounted to this one day, where it all happened in a matter of hours.