Sunday, August 11, 2019

Answer some questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer some questions - Assignment Example As a result, authentication, access control and auditing work together to establish network defense through the verification procedures, assigning roles to users and installing control mechanisms that curb errors and frauds. A breach of the CIA triad for a campus police department at a mid-sized private university will allow access of confidential information to third parties. This can lead to loss of data through modification, alteration and disclosure, leading to harmful risks to students and the institution’s database. As a result, hackers can obtain personal information of students and use them for illegal activities like cyber bullying, leaking of examination or tampering with the management information systems. Another breach is that criminals or hackers can access the police methods of tackling crime and use them to evade arrests. This is because new systems of operations are normally taught in the campus police departments. However, the potential problems of this new authentication system are that it can be stolen or lost easily, the system provider can face hacking or the cryptography can be cracked. This implies that the loss of the token can permit an authorized person to access the database. It is also apparent that hacking of the token can affect their security purposes, especially if the provider has not installed tight measures. OSI model portrays and standardizes the internal operations of a communication system. This occurs through the partitioning of the communication system into concealed details of the functionalities. The OSI model is essential for network security because it simplifies the communication between computers through internet connectivity in a secure manner (Ciampa 125). The various network investigation tools available online includes L0phcrack, Domain Dossier, John the Ripper and Dictionary attack. L0phcrack is a password recovery system that strengthens

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