Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Strategies for effective college level writing; Essay

Strategies for effective college level writing; - Essay Example The first strategy that a college student should adopt is coming up with a sequential strategy for developing composition. The first step should be to come up with a pre-write. Writing early and often can help a student to become acquainted with writing essays. It is also important to use diagrams to develop thought pattern which will give the student a better perspective on the subject of the essay. It is also a good habit to write at least two drafts before writing the final paper. After developing the draft, the next step is revising the draft based on the advice from peers and instructors. Finally, the student should make a habit of proofreading the final draft and correcting grammatical errors and other errors before writing the final paper (Bezbatchenko, 2013). No matter the level of complexity the assignment involves, the best papers are always the ones that were as a result of a carefully planned approach. That means that one has to plan the available time carefully to avoid last minute rush and a poorly written paper. Students are advised to ensure that they have planned times to start and end writing. Therefore, one will be compelled to start writing when the time arrives. This is important since it will help the student avoid procrastination. One will also need time to do research, brainstorm ideas, organize materials, process and analyze ideas, write and re-write the paper. Students have a habit of writing shallow content in their papers. This is a result of poor research and poor time management. Unless one has been specifically instructed to write a research paper, college level writing involves more than collecting information from various sources and writing them as a college paper. It is important for a student to establish a unique perspective on the topic. As one searches for information, one should consider developing their own voices in the paper. The paper should be written with

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