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John Rawls Ethical Theory Essay Example for Free

John Rawls Ethical Theory Essay On February 21 on the year 1921 a man who’s in the future will be regarded as a prominent philosopher John Rawls in Baltimore Maryland was born. He graduated in Kent School in 1939; Rawls completed BA at Princeton University and received in here his Ph. D. in 1950. Great American Political Philosopher John Rawls was highly considered as an important person at the time, as the most prominent liberalisms’ advocate. He was also working as a Professor at Harvard University in his field of expertise, in the field of Political Philosophy. Rawls’ theory that often calls â€Å"justice as fairness† and its concepts presented in 1971 Theory of Justice, his primary published book. He is also the creator of 1993 Political Liberalism that means distinctive things into different people and The Law of Peoples in 1999. It presents a non-historical or hypothetical variation on the social contract theory. In the said theory, it declares that agents are making a balanced and rational social decision following a certain rule at the rear of â€Å"veil of ignorance†. The said theory makes them able to prevent from knowing in progress what condition and category they will hold. Rawls proclaimed that this method will be beneficial for all the citizens for it will surely produced a society in which the freedom of everyone embrace and their independence will be practiced. His proclamation also emphasized that this will maximize for the entire nation and social disparity will only happen when the circumstances prove that it will benefit a least favored constituents. In brief, what he has done is to combine the very strong principle of social and economic equality. In the issue entitled â€Å"When is creating a turnover situation the right thing to do†, the author, â€Å"MEK†, tells the story an employee who is really doing quite well in the job. However, it is also said that the employer of the said employee although willing to keep him for the job, is not willing and interested in making such investment for the development of the employee’s career. â€Å"MEK† also tells his story in regarding his past employer. In order to understand the situation let me first give a summary of the story. MEK once work as a shift supervisor in a certain company. By that time, the operations manager is really skilled not only in the job but as a leader too. After some time, the shift manager was promoted leaving MEK in charge of the vacant position. MEK works as acting operations manager for about 4 months and it can be said that he is doing a great job with increase in the sales and low turnovers during his time as the operations manager. Suddenly, after more than 160 days of working in the said position, it is said that he is to be replace by fresh graduate of BA degree. The said replacement had absolutely no experience in running a business. MEK is even asked to train the person who is to replace him. Thus, MEK was in actuality upset and decided not to work in the company to any further extent. The presence of ethical issue can be seen in this story. And this presence of issue can be resolved and accomplished using a concept formulated by John Rawls in what appear to us and popularly known as the â€Å"justice of fairness†. According to Rawls, two conditions must be satisfied for social and economic inequalities. First, fair equality of opportunity must be given when it comes to positions and as well as offices that are often to all who can be considered under condition. Second, it has to benefit those that are considered least advantage member of the society. Applying Rawls’s concept in the case of MEK, it can be said that MEK has the right remain as the operation manager of the said company. It can be said that MEK was not given equal opportunity because the company based their decision on the educational attainment of the individual (which is the main basis for most companies), something that MEK lacks. However, MEK had proven that although he does not have a BA degree, he is still able to do the job. Thus, applying Rawls concept in the situation, it would had been in goodwill and favor of MEK. Aside from what had been mentioned earlier, there had also been several concepts of Rawls that are considered of great value and importance in political philosophy. It is believed that John Rawls made an important contribution in the said field. Rawlss work not only attracted the attention of those who are interested and are in the field of philosophy but many other fields as well such as political scientist, economist and even legal scholars and theologians. This only proves that his ideology is well known and regarded as one of the best if not the best. Among all of the works of Rawls, his books of Justice as fairness, his original position, the reflective equilibrium, Rawls’ overlapping consensus, and public relations are the ones that had been given and receive extensive attentions. Rawls is regarded as unique among political philosophers in the contemporary time. Ethics involves the study of norms and values in particular action knowing what is right or wrong and the consequences of it weather bad or good and character virtue and this practices are importance in the fields of governance as well as in business world. Ethics aim was to provide a systematic explanatory account and inquiry that the people may actually have. The use of ethics in business and government world also imply public policy as a way of balancing or weighing relevant considerations usually identified by principles of common use. In my personal opinion, I also believe that in today’s business and government world study of ethics is of great value. In business, ethics examined moral and ethical problems that can arise and take it’s place in a business environment. Through this study, they will able to trace how the corporations conduct business, hold both within and outside workers of the company. Through this company can strengthens its relationship with the employees how they can manage and treat every member the right and most effective way, or workplace ethics, they can also formulate a proper governance, and make policies, decision making, appropriate techniques and understanding individual behavior. In the case of governance, it creates a leadership process and social responsibility to be able to administer and process the system. And so the governance for the organization, like a government would include such common feature such as a clear mission, a good responsibility, accountability, transparency, stewardship, flexibility, representation and most of all they may acquire success. The fulfillment of the organizations mission is a paramount concern be it to make profits do good works or act as a government.

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