Monday, October 7, 2019

Security and Loss Prevention Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Security and Loss Prevention - Assignment Example The general investigation steps to verify the validity of the embezzlement allegations are as follows: (1) document the event and prepare a report to contain the information revealed by the employee; (2) interview the person who reported the incident through whatever means possible; (3) talk to the senior managers to whom the plant controller is reporting to for the purpose of finding out any unusual transactions perceived to have been contracted by the plant controller and verifying if the tip has any basis (but making sure to emphasize full confidentiality and privacy of the issues); (4) identify other possible employees who could have known the incident or those within the plant controller’s chain of command; (5) contact the CEO and CFO to inform them of the investigations on the plant controller; (6) remove the plant controller from the division discreetly; (7) evaluate and determine the extent of the loss; (8) decide on the need to enforce either a temporary operating pro cedures and policies or a full closure within the division being investigated (Carnie, 2012; Turner, 2009). In preparation for the interviews, note the order of the witnesses who would be interviewed and how you would plan, conduct, and document your interviews. In preparation for the interviews, all people who are within the chain of command of the plant controller should be included. Likewise, those who could have knowledge of overriding existing controls should also be investigated. As emphasized by Carnie (2012), â€Å"identify those employees (at every level of the company) who had both access and opportunity to commit the theft, as well as those who may have known of the theft but failed to disclose it. All employees with access and opportunity should be included in the investigation, regardless of their job record, length of employment, or stature within the company. Identifying such employees allows the employer to focus the investigation on as small a group of employees as possible with as little disclosure as possible† (par. 6). The order of the witnesses would be as follows: (1) the whistle blower; (2) the senior manager or the supervisor of the plant controller; (3) the CEO and CFO; (4) staff who are directly being superv ised by the plant controller; (5) staff who has knowledge of overriding external controls; (6) others who are identified to be potentially involved. The plan of action for the interview would be: (1) identification of people to be interviewed; (2) schedule specific interviews either in the office of senior management or the people to be inte

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