Wednesday, October 9, 2019


PROBLEMS FACING HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE TEACHERS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS - Essay Example However, these teachers tend to experience some challenges and this discourse focuses on such. Science is a very dynamic field and this means that high school science teachers must adopt emerging technologies to enable their students remain marketable or viable in the job markets. However, this tends to be a great challenge in low income high schools where science teachers are forced to rely on outdated technologies. Technology, in this scenario, refers to the machinery, computer hardware and software, lab equipment, and lab manuals (Baker 32). Some teachers in such institutions handle the theoretical parts of the advanced technologies without necessarily arranging for practical sessions due to lack of required facilities. At the end of the day, students lack the practical experience and this is a huge setback as they graduate and join the job market. The solution is the administration of such schools should liaise with local authorities so that some fund could be set aside to purchase the right equipment in the institutions. The schools could also seek funds or donations from the community, organizations, and even willing individuals to purchase the required equipment (Geisler 209). Meanwhile, the school could make arrangements with institutions with such facilities so that students could make arranged visits and learn from their facilities. However, this should be in a manner that both students from both facilities are not inconvenienced. Science teachers could use assimilated modules to guide their students as the administration seek funds to purchase such facilities. Science oriented subjects require more lesson hours compared with social and humanity related subjects. However, a majority of high schools allocate the same hours for all subjects. Due to this, a majority of teachers end up not completing the required syllabus as the school closes. However, their counterparts handling social and humanity lessons

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